The Arcade Mode Update is rolling out for all platforms March 25, 2019!

(Noelle) #1

We have an exciting update going out for you today on all platforms, March 25, 2019, for We Happy Few!

This update contains Arcade Mode, including three separate new ways to play We Happy Few. It also includes general performance optimizations, crash fixes, fixes for progression blockers, fixes for gameplay bugs, and localization fixes.

In Survival mode, you must scavenge for supplies and find a way to escape. Survival mechanics are fatal and much more demanding. Your score is based on how long you last, with a bonus for making it out. Can you stay alive long enough to escape Wellington Wells?
The Night Watch
As part of the Night Watch, you are a Bobby attempting to clear ongoing waves of Downers off the streets. This is a short experience based on combat. Rounds get progressively more difficult as you complete each wave.
In Sandbox mode, the world is your oyster. World generation settings are unlocked, giving access to unusual/surreal worlds and unique opportunities for mischief. Characters unlock as you progress through story mode, and cheats are available in the menu. There is no goal in the mode.

For a full list of changes on each platform:

View the PS4 update notes on the forums , or our Knowledge Base .

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View the XBOX1 update notes on the forums , or our Knowledge Base .

If you experience any issues regarding the update, or in general, please contact