The Archive Fire Bug

I ran into this bug just now playing The Archive where my character catches fire and the fire doesn’t go out until you die.

I got a screenshot of the death screen too:

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Having the same problem. Twice I have caught on fire and it never goes out. Once, I managed to survive due to Miko’s good graces. The second time, no Miko, so I died.

Ok, got this issue again. When I finally went down and team revived me, it was gone. Hope that helps.

I had this occur when I was playing the Algorithm. I noticed it after Geoff and it stopped when I died and was revived during the Galactic Emperor fight. I was playing as Ambra at the time so I was healing myself to stay alive until the boss encounter. I am wondering if in that case it was due to the poison gas during the Geoff fight?

I have also had the issue as reported above in the Archive when I was playing as Attikus. I eventually ran out of health while waiting for the final boss fight to begin.

Encountered this bug just now on Archive, managed to play through since I had some health regen gear and because of the eldrids natural regen. Got gold, too. Super irritating though. Getting set on fire again disabled the visual effect but the fire kept doing damage. Didn’t try dying, I had already died once and really needed a good score.

Match ID: 20160517-77cde34-89df-4baf-95f5-11d1defd73ac

This happened to me twice today, once as Deande and once as Attikus.