The Archive permanent fire DOT?

I have only played the archive mission twice. But on the first run through the fire dot from the environment eventually stopped. But as i ended up playing solo ISIC on the archive today, all of the emvironmental fire dots were permanent. I could not get rid of them until death.
Even stepping in the environmental water did nothing am I missing something?

It’s a bug. Been here for a while.

Hopefully will be fixed soon, it can be pretty irritating. At least the visual effect disappears if you step into fire again.

Seems to happen to ISIC frequently in my experience for some reason…perhaps interacting with his wards in a funny way.

I figured as much but wasn’t sure. Thanks!

Got the same as ISIC and didn’t even get the bug with other characters.

Nah, not a problem with Isic, can happen to any character I believe.

I literally have a video of me playing ambra with this happening. Im fine, totally okay.

Was in a match yesterday and the poor Caldarius player had this issue.

By poor I meant I felt bad for him sorry… poor word choice.

This should have been patched in the hotfix this week according to their notes, but haven’t tried it out myself yet :sunglasses: