The Archive sentry route activation

There is a certain point where the game spawns too many enemies and while you’re killing them the sentry moves forward where even more enemies spawn, and dies. Because the players are still dealing with the enemies behind it.

I think it would be cool if the sentry only moved when there was a player close to it. That way we could deal with the enemies and then safely move forward.

Or, fix the spawns.

  1. Fairly sure you’re referring to the Archive mission instead. (It’s name is Chronicle, and it’s a spider sentry, not a sentinel; Sentinels/guardians are specifically those upright thingies you fight against in the Sentinel mission…)
  2. Kill faster.

The Chronicle moves pretty slowly, and does pause at certain points. I’ve done that mission solo and in a team without problem. You absolutely need to have one person running escort (two is better). It helps if you constructed the turrets and traps along the route earlier in the game since you’re essentially back-tracking.

Thanks, yeah mixed that up.

I’ve done that mission about 25-30 times and every time we failed was due to the bad spawns on the last escort. Those spawns are not normal. You need a very good team to clear that up quickly and that doesn’t correspond with the normal difficulty.

People play on normal to learn the maps and their heroes. Not to spend 20 minutes to fail a mission because the sentry against all expectations and logic throws itself far ahead leaving lots of enemies behind into more enemy spawns.

The mission failure rate speaks for itself, anyway. I’m sure The Archive is the second most-failed mission after The Saboteur.

Just in some weird case you’re thinking this post is about me having difficulties, it’s not and I’m not. I’m rank 39, I’m topping on damage almost every game and I know all maps like the back of my hand. I’m saying, from enough observation, that the spawns are unbalanced and they subvert people’s expectations. People don’t expect a sentry to behave like that. It’s unnatural.

Actually, I’m almost sure almost all of the Archive failures is because of the MASSIVE ambush at the end of the first escort segment. Part of the issue there is that engaging some of the units at the west side near the shielded area (or moving there in preparation of the ambush) causes the varelsi to spawn there as well, and the varelsi there loves to bombard Chronicle with their high damage arcing ranged attacks; Using ranged to clear the enemies on that side (and hence not trigger the varelsi spawn) is preferable. (and the other part is making sure the team knows to be on point for the ambush so that you actually have enough manpower to clear the high number of elite spawns)

It’s not what I observed myself, but other people might have different experience.


2 seconds before fail. The sentry still has half of health left. This is the point where it rushes towards death and as you can see on the minimap there are still enemies behind. Even leaving some of those enemies alive and having 3 people at the sentry location we still lose.

I’ve never seen those enemies still alive at that point… maybe partially cause my groups generally have rushed ahead to clear that spawn trigger (or we outright already completely wiped out everything), I dunno. Every time I’ve played, this portion has always been a lull in spawns.