The Archive - Shard Veils remain locked

Anyone know why at times the Veils remain locked?
Doesn’t matter Solo, Team, Normal, Advanced, can’t find any logic to it.
The one shown below is the first one you come to at the match start.

Are you talking before or after you build the 300 shard turret to open it?

At times they remain locked throughout the match.
Two of them during this match, I let Chronical sit and rest while I went back. :smile:

But I’m asking, did you build the turret that opens them? And they still remained locked? When you built the turret did it at least fire at the veil to bring it down?

Yup, the turret had a full life.
Varelsi poured out of there.

Here’s the other one that should have opened, same match:


That’s a bug then. Normally those shock turrets bring em down in a few seconds.

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Yup, that’s what I figured, makes sense there is a trigger not happening.
I could see this with Pendles but with Melka didn’t expect it.
It has also happened to me with Thorn.
I’ve probably done The Archive more them most, well over 100 times now, so bugs will happen.

the real question is what the veil breaker turret right before the boss fight is for. you know, the one that suits right before that veil wall on chronicle’s path. the one that does nothing at all.

…Have wondered about that one too, there seems to be an invisible barrier there that even stops the bomb tosses from the other side.

I call it “the turret that does nothing”. It’s probably an artefact of some time in development when they wanted players to have to buy a turret to continue (much like you have to dump shards into Chronicle to get started), but that objective probably got taken out (without the turret being taken out because that would involve tweaking the map rather than some scripts) because people might have been out of shards at that point (and the infinite shards don’t happen until after that turret).

Still seems weird that they didn’t at least replace it with a normal turret node.

So the first time I played the archive (solo), I didn’t make the connection that the veil breaker turrets were there to destroy the Varelsi barriers, so I never built them and never broke any barriers (I know, feel free to point and laugh).

When I got to the point in the level where that extra turret is, there was a full on Varelsi barrier sitting where the orangeish energy barrier is. A short conversation played between Melka and/or Nova and Kleese on how to get past the barrier, and Kleese pointed out the turret. So I guess it’s there as a sort of tutorial for dim-bulbs like yours truly that never figured out how to break through the other barriers in the level.

Every time I’ve played the Archive since, I’ve built the other turrets and broken the other barriers, and have never seen the conversation again. I should test to see if it still trips if you don’t break any of the other barriers…

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…Love the humor. It may be I’ve found a way to break the event timer or trigger they used.
I’ve gotten so used to the spawns there I take out the Thrall first and use the turret after that because I jump quickly to the closest Shard stand and that triggers even more veralsi at the same time, so the turret is getting wiped out very fast and I’m not paying attention to that side while I jump down into the water because I have found that this will trigger them from both sides to magnet to me there and I find that area very easy to run in circles and take them out, it’s more fun that way and I don’t ever get hit by bomb tosses anymore. :smile:

The same happened to me. It’s just a tutorial for those who somehow never noticed it to still survive Gunhulk.

Laugh? i had no idea what those big black bubbles of death were the first time i played the mission. Problem is that it was on launch day 3 or so months ago so i must have forgotten about the little tutorial they give.

I might try not breaking the bubbles again just for giggles though.