The Archive still messed up after hotfix

Ran it faster than my previous, no deaths, killed everything, completed all challenges and got half the score. 21k this time vs 43k last time. Anyone else having similar issues?

The fix just went live a few mins ago

Right and its still broken

I mean it went live after you made your post


Hmm i assumed it all rolled out at once since I had access to all faction packs before I started Archive since I was above Com 15 but not enough for the UPR one. I believe that was one of the items mentioned.

These things can “roll out” gradually and not all at once. Still, if by tonight or tomorrow morning you’re not noticing a difference, feel free to let us know.

Oh well thats nice to know. I’ll just go buy a trampoline so I can jump to conclusions more often lol. Thanks for the info.

Hotfix said nothing about Archive giving more score, only “Require less score to get Silver/Gold”

And I ran it normally with someone awhile ago and got silver instead of the usual bronze and breezing through it so that -20% requirement is working.

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I haven’t played since the fix came out today but I can say based off my prior playthroughs my faster times resulted in lower scores. Times I went through the level in about 30mins I was scoring only between 20K-30k in points. When I got silver I played with 1 other person. I’m not sure if this helps with scoring or not but we did notice we got better scores playing as the same faction(i.e. Peacekeepers Oscar Mike, and Montana). We also prolonged the 20 minions for as long as we could. I believe by the time we had collected the 20 minions we were already over 30k points. We also took our time scouring the map collecting all the loot we could find. I know these aren’t the greatest tips but hopefully they might help.

We’ll try that. Its frustrating because this is the last one I need.

Getting higher score on archive is easy, if boring. Don’t escort the bots right away. Take a few minutes and grind some varelsi/thrall.

“A few minutes” It took me 30 minutes to farm for over 40k points :disappointed_relieved:

It’s a slog.

Shouldn’t need that many.

I wanted my Gold. I’ve heard people say you should farm for at least 30-45k points. I went with the highest recommendation since I wanted to be sure. I wasn’t very keen on playing the mission again.

I scored with a team 51,120 then when we got to the actual stats screen we only had 32,920. Still got gold but did not get the score I earned. Biggest thing about this level is running around when possible, between the minion escort and sentry escort and open ALL the chests

Also every time the boss at the end drops his shield he spits out bonus points, I was running around grabbing those over doing damage to the boss, netted us that extra almost 20k in the process.

I got gold on my first attempt after the hotfix. Previously, the best I got was silver.

My main advice is the usual: loot everything and kill everything. However, The Archive is interesting in that it is very easy to “miss” kills. Things spawn all over the place, both in the data minion section and the escort sections, so it can be difficult to ensure your team is actually killing everything that spawns. I do not think there is a large margin for error, so you need to be very vigilant in scouring the entire area until no more red dots remain on the mini-map.

Got gold on my first attempt after the hotfix in a public game with randoms in 27.46 min. Total score was 47605 (33255 + 14350 bonus score). Our team pretty much breezed through it to be honest. It wasn’t a struggle at all. I think building lots of turrets and having alot of AoE damage to hand helps to manage the mobs.

If anyone wants to team up for Thorns lore (complete without losing any lives on Advanced) feel free to give me a shout.

I have played the Archive countless times. It’s my favorite level in the game and I know all the chest spots and the spawn points for the mega chests. (there are four of those tree chests that appear in varying locations if you know where to look.) the highest medal I have ever received is a silver that I got while playing with my son.

I always scour the entire map, loot all the chests, make all the turrets and at the end while waiting for the ship to pick up the archive, I empty all my shards into making drones. If the ship takes a while, I just keep picking up more shards and making more drones. (usual play time between 40-45 mins)

I almost always get bronze no matter how high the shard count or pickups. 39-45k score at the end. usually around 250 enemy kills or so.

So last night I read that people let the data minions get killed and just fight enemies and rack up their score to get gold. So as El Dragon I did this solo. The rest of my routine went as usual but in the data minion escort mission I did as people recommended. I activated none of the turrets and just fought the enemies solo was level ten within minutes and wailing away at bigger and badder enemies. after a long while, I finally went and activated the turrets and got enough of the data minions through to complete the section.

After defeating the boss at the end, I emptied 10k shards into the drone maker. When the ship arrived I waited eargerly to see the mammoth score.

It was 34k . . . bronze. When the stats screen came up, I had killed over 450 minions and collected an ungodly amount of shards.

So evidently the number of kills or shards gained and spent building do NOT determine your final score. I’m scratching my head, guys. Anyone have any suggestions on how to get gold?