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thanks, didn’t know if they changed from the updates or not.

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Yeah it’s quite a shame I can’t pin the posts with patchnotes. cdebo9 is right though.

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The problem with pins in the current forum platform is that they are always on top in the category overview as well, so the effectively hide the most recent posts if there are more then 2 or 3.

I would suggest using the details tag in the OP for the patch notes. Any future additions, just post a ‘OP updated with details’ post to bump the thread, and stick the new ones in. Posts can actually be pretty long.

You’ll find lots of information about how the forum platform works here: NEW FORUM BASICS.

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Probs gonna fail this but why don’t you guys try it.

The Eraser Challenge: complete Playthrough 2 (Only story) using only 10 Erasers.
Obviously to get 10 you need to Obtain a Eraser Legit from another charecter or other means, then duplicate 10 of them via WillowTree.

.You start with 10 Erasers
.You can pick up any Erasers you find [Including actual drops]
.Once you run out of Erasers, You lose
.The only Grenades you can use is Grenade jumping grenades like the Neutrino, Zero Point, etc.
.Start at level 32 because it Playthrough 2.
.Use any shields you want.

[Note] i’m not giving away the WillowTree code for the Eraser (Because it’s against TCD’s TOS)

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That’s a nice spin on the Eraser playthough. I’ve seen peeps do Eraser-only PT’s before. I’m glad that my gear can spark PT spin-offs like that.

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Say if I start a new playthrough (going back to BL1 and starting a playthrough as Brick as i’ve never used him) if I use the vial at level 1 will it begin spawning weapons straight away or is there a particular level they start spawning?

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They’ll spawn straight away.

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Only have 6 more items to go! “then the bloodless weapons”

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Idk if u are aware but if u get a bloodless weapon you wont be able to use it. The barrel will be missing and you wont be able to do anything with it (well on the one i got at least). The only way to use it is to record it dropping and send it to Mr_GJ. If he thinks its legit he will send u file for it.

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Kinda covers it. Don’t forget to snap some pic’s or a video if you do come across one. Nvidia Shadowplay is a good way to back-record gameplay even if you didn’t have a recording going at the time.

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Thank you, did you need proof because people have tried do get the bloodless weapons from exploring the UDK files or just for legitimacy. how many people have obtained a bloodless?

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We have 1 recorded incident of someone getting one legit.

The others were illegit to the downright abusive. Most were just hilariously stupid and desperate. But annoying enough for me to put these measures down.

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Ha figured, thanks for the info anyway. and if i do get one and the file sent would i keep the file/copy it if i reset my PC? or ask you for a new file.

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Not sure if I understand this question. But by ‘reset’ you mean a factory reset? In that case the files would be lost so you’ll have to ask a new one. Unless I’m mistaken about what you mean.

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yeah Factory reset is what i mean, What do i contact you through?

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Check the original post of this thread.

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ah ok, i’ll be sure to snap a video if i do come across one and send it to your Gmail.

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Would farming the Lance Jetpack enemies increase the chance of a bloodless droping, or is it all luck.

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Plain ol’ luck. If you specifically wanna farm, Zombie Island is a favorite, though, I wouldn’t really farm for Bloodless unless you have WAAAAAAYYYYYY too much time on your hands.

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Yeah, Zombie islands been my main farm, only need like 4-7 more drops before i torture myself for just one (or none) Bloodless Weapons. Also idk how to fix this or i’ve done something wrong but when i try to do “record last 1-5 minutes” all it records is a black screen.