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Nice, I’ll keep that in mind. Note that I brought out a patch (1.2) to the 2nd gear pack.

There’s something that’s been bothering me with the Cerberus. It can spawn with the Double accessory which only adds a single pellet (which can’t be seen of course due to the special pattern) but still consumes twice as much ammo, worsened stats and the same mag size. I get why this is happening but it’s pretty unfortunate how this otherwise great pistol suffers from it. Is there anything that can be done?

I could remove the “Double Acc” from the spawnable accessories list. I mean the Cerberus already has 3 pellets, it doesn’t need that 4th one.

I would agree with this solution, seems to be the most reasonable.

I’ll do that in a moment, note that I’ve brought out a patch for the 3rd weapon pack. I stumbled across a Dahl Mamba with x3 damage. That got me wondering and I found out that instead of being able to spawn with Barrel5 it spawned with Barrel4_Violator…

Here’s an idea for a Roland COM if you want one. If you do use it I don’t care if you give credit to me or not, doesn’t really matter IMO.

Potential Skill Boosts: Stockpile, Deploy, Aid Station
Default Effect: +16%(?) – +30%(?) Team Cooldown Reduction
Secondary Effect 1: +1(?) – +12(?) Team Health Regeneration
Secondary Effect 2: +2(?) – +25(?) Team Ammo Regeneration

That’s a very interesting idea for a Legendary Roland team COM indeed! I might give it a go!


Nvm, I gave it a go. This one’s in. Thanks bro, you now have your own COM in BL!! :smiley:

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First, Congratulation for your Work and his high quality, Mr_GJ; that’s a Wonderful Borderland World you give to Players. Really.

Second, I’ve notified some pbm(or not?) with weapons:

-Hyperion Oneshoot, Maliwan Thundercloud & Atlas Harpocrates don’t regenerate ammo with the Sniper Class Mod of Mordecai;
-Sound of maliwan Ashstorm level up or down when a change of weapon in inventory (I don’t know more info, sorry)
-Atlas Chronos, Hyperion Agonizer, Vladof Sickle, SandS Virgo, etc. aren’t using with other part of the same Manufacturer (chimera.acc, invader.sight, hammer.acc & draco.acc…)

All for this time! ^^’

For last, you’re really The King…of Manufacturer!

A suggestion for a COM for Mordecai:

Gunsmith Class Mod (Tediore) or Gunsmith Tediore Enhancement Mod (loyalty), for Single or for Team…

+42%min (Team) Magazine Size (Boost significatly the mag5 Revolver. And other weapons.) [default effect]
+3 Focus
+3 Fast hands
+4 Relentless
±42% (Team) Weapon Damage or ±39% Bullet Damage Resistance [secondary effect 1]
±23 (Team) Ammo Regeneration(for all weapons) [secondary effect2]

I always wanted a Roland COM for my Mordecai… T_T …and Make Them Pay!!

Huzzah! :slight_smile:

Sounds cool enough. Might make this one when I start working on the Mordecai COM’s.

Thanks for the support and kind words, that’s exactly why I create the things I create!

  1. As for the troubleshooting with COM’s. No worries both me and Dopefiend are fully aware of this and I’ve decided to make updated variants of vanilla game COM’s. Including the Sniper COM which will allow for compatibility with our custom ItemGrades and such.
  2. I don’t really know what you are on about when it comes to the Ashstorm sounds. Can you clarify?
  3. As for Legendary hybrids, note that I have some guns which can hybrid with vanilla game legendary parts but not all of them. So the Chronos/Agonizer/Sickle/Virgo are never meant to spawn with those parts or else they would become to overpowered.

I’m sure you know this but it’s not the ItemGrade, but rather the WeaponType. The COM bonuses use the Weapon_Is_X attributes, which only refer to the WeaponType.

Here’s a fix that I literally just discovered like 5 minutes ago by accident:
The attribute only checks that the part name itself matches the proper weapon type, but the file location of the part does not matter. So if you name the WeaponType “WeaponType_sniper_rifle” it will receive sniper COM bonuses like ammo regen, etc. It doesn’t matter if the full part name is “gear_nolaftw.sniper_rifle.A_Weapon.WeaponType_sniper_rifle” as long as that last part matches.

So if you just rename the WeaponTypes to the default name, you don’t need to update existing COMs (of course to give multiple things the same name, they need to be in different locations in the package). The only issue I could see here is that it if you rename the part and release the new package, people will have to manually edit their affected guns in WT if they’ve already found them.

I meant to say that it was the WeaponType who did it, my bad. As for fixing, I’m already on that. Also all my weapons which use a custom WeaponType, need that custom WeaponType to operate properly as they don’t work with a stock “WeaponType_sniper_rifle” (or any1 else WeaponType). That is why both me and Dopefiend need to make remasters of the existing Mercenary / Sniper / Commando COM’s 'n ■■■■ in which I will dump our custom WeaponTypes.

I get that. What I’m saying is you can rename (not replace) the custom part from say “WeaponType_Maliwan_Thundercloud” to “WeaponType_sniper_rifle”. Nothing changes except the name.

If you need to, you can edit its package group as well to differentiate it from others.
For example:

EDIT: I just tested this with a separate support_machinegun weapon type in my own package. I renamed the part to “WeaponType_assault_shotgun” without changing anything else, and it works with the commando COM:

Ok this makes a lot more sense, I really didn’t get what you meant at first. I think I’ll do this, and then piss people off who’ll find that their Oneshot’s, Lacerta’s and all the rest have been disintegrated… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sir, Mr GJ, Sir! I just saw your YT vid and congratulate you again.
Although I have not played BL in a while (sry @Stouty22), I have a fun idea for a Legendary Siren COM.

The Legendary “Mina” COM! I thought of a bunch of prefixes, too.

(Stalking, vengeful, righteous, swift/deft, prowling, … Minas Revenge?)

(???) I have no clue… >///<

+4 Mind Games (9/5 -> 45% chance for every bullet fired to daze enemies)

+4 Quicksilver (9/5 -> 60% (actually [63%][1] unless you can fix it) increased rof for every weapon type)

+4 Radiance (9/5 +12 dmg at Lv69) or +2 to +4 Blackout (7/5 -8.4 sec to 9/5 -10.8 sec PW cooldown)

Effects (*team fx)
Base: 30% chance for +50%-+75% PB dmg
or 30% chance for 200% wider PB radius
*partners within PB radius get great ammo regen (+50-75) for all equipped weapons, incl. grenades (max 5 regen) and 75%-100% dmg resistance for a short time (10 sec)

2nd: 15% chance to 1-Hit-K.O. enemy when exiting PW with melee attack
*while in PW partners also have a 15% chance to kill enemies instantly with their melee attack
or *(OR additonally) +if Liliths strike kills an enemy instantly, everyone gains a +50% speed boost!

3rd: 25%-50% chance of an instant 30% health regen per enemy killed while in PW
*partners get same health regen

I know this is insane - it’s an effing orange com! Maybe I just need to sleep now. xD

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PB? aka: Power Boost? In any case this seems interesting indeed.

Phase Blast. Sounds like an hardcore phasewalking hit-and-run COM.

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@BlackHeartV Got it correct, and it is Phaseblast.
Since you asked for something Hellsing/Vampire-ish, I thought: why not overuse non-human super powers and be super quick and invisible… vampires are awesome. ^^

And now I am going to sleep for real. * does not really want to work for 8h * OTL

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