The Arsenal - Latest Revision: 04/05/2019

The Juggernaut anim error is known. But is so minor that I let it slide. Long story short I forgot to change some Mesh dependances. Not planning on fixing it cuz I’m not going through that chore again.

Chronos is already fixed as the Chronos will get a new scope for the next update. It seems to me you haven’t joined the Borderlands Discord Server I run, cuz I (we (me and Sleep)) post updates on our work there more regularly. You’d have seen the new Chronos scope there, this a WiP preview, as its planned for the next update: (Yes it actually keeps track of real time…)

The Dandy + OC glitch is new to me, I’ll take a look into that, but from what I can tell its not really a massive gameplayhalting issue.

Thx for sharing.

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Ahhh…yeah. I seem to remember that I downloaded this somewhere late 2016 and haven’t updated it because…I am lazy, I guess. I should probably update it soon.

Ooooo, that Chronos sight looks stellar. I can’t wait to see it in-game.

As for the Discord Server thing…I usually go out of my way to avoid them due to the fact that I tend to go a bit nuts in them. Something something public places + me = not blending well at all. I usually feel overwhelmed and often react…badly. And that leaves a rather negative track record as well…

Also: In updating the mod…I found a file named “SpeechRecognition.upk”. My curiosity has intensified, just wondering how BL1 would have use for such a thing.

Also #2: I got the Railgun, and while I can understand the railgun special function, I am wondering what’s with shooting it…well, in the sky or void. Everytime I do so, it seems to make some rumbling thunder, but that’s about it. Is that just aesthetic? And while we’re on the topic of a railgun, I feel it was a missed opportunity to not name it Paracelsus, referencing the railgun from Resident Evil 3 that annihilates Nemesis.

The Thunderclap is the Railgun reaching the ½ mark to its full speed. And I don’t feel the Railgun being a missed opportunity as I don’t play RE games in general and it reflect superbly on what I actually reference with it.




Holy merry mother of Joseph, this is the best expansion of weapons yet. Legit the best weapons in the series here. Time to race and farm for all that fun stuff once it updates. Oh yeah, wasn’t there a secret Myriad arriving? :smiling_imp:

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The new additions look kickass. I can’t wait to try them out when they’re released. Thanks for putting so much work into these mods.

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  • Fixed WeaponType context resolver chain for various weapons allowing integration into the COM who vs. who not to give system.
  • Fixed various MomentumOrientation mismatches in various rockets. Various rockets will now orient themselves properly to LocalVectors <> Momentum.
  • Fixed NamingSelection error. All hybrids should always display my weapon titles over the vanilla weapons.
  • Lowered audio strength on various SFX definitions.
  • Ajusted stopping power on all custom projectiles with Proc. output.
  • Added small descriptions on the various weapons, coloured in cyan.
  • Fixed naming convention errors on various weapons/item. Affected:
    • Hyperion Evicerator (Barrel2_Evicerator > Barrel3_Evicerator)
    • Famine (TitleP_Maliwan1l_Famine > TitleP_Maliwan1_Famine)
  • Fixed numerous blast yield mistakes in various ExplosionDefinitions. Most prominent ones:
    • Thermogenesis received a marginal blast yield buff.
    • Thundercloud reveived a slight blast yield nerf.
  • Changed the naming convention on various weapons/item prefixes. Affected:
    • (Aquamarine) Barracuda
    • (Blue) Falcon
    • (Black) Death
    • (Bleeding) Bloodbath
    • (Blood-Red) Obliterator
    • (Carmine) Fussilation
    • (Low Gravity) Neutrino
    • (Dead Man’s) Tale
    • (Vigorous) Steelwood
    • (Bleeding) Epidemic
    • (Cindering) Ashstorm
    • (Oxidian) Famine
    • (Cursed) Nebula
    • (Cursed) Black Hole
    • (Hand) Cannon
    • (Titanium) Criminal
  • Naming convention changes:
    • All Particle & Sprite systems.
    • All SFX files.
    • ExplosionDef. files.
  • Various smaller fixes and changes that won’t be named due to their insignificance or me forgetting about them…
  • Altered some ExplosionDefinition scales.
  • Bloodless have now become a standard amongst all vials. However they have equal droprates amongst all. So no vial is better than the next in spawning them. Which is to say… Pretty much not. However if you do find one. Make sure to snap/record some evidence of it happening. This so I can send you the unlock files to the weapon(s) as they won’t work without them. The reason for this precaution is their repeated abuse and me getting tired of damage controlling that.
  • Experienced a minor c*ck-up with the Fortification. Resulting in loss of Fortification from your inventory upon installing this update. You’ll have to re-farm for it.


Thermogenesis changes:

  • Ammo consumption on Thermogenesis has been increased from 8 to 10.
  • Equip-unequip time extended by 50%

Sovereign changes:

  • Removed weapon equip/unequip buffs due to exploit potential.
  • Replaced by a accuracy and recoil reduction buff of 10% respectively.

Oneshot changes:

  • Equip-unequip time extended by 250%
  • Increased dmg. by 100%
  • Oneshot bullets penetrate enemies.
  • Updated skin; its now fully animated.
  • Updated scope; its now fully animated.
  • Changed the shell-type the Oneshot fires from HVAPDS to HVAP and gave the shell real HVAP irl charistaristics:
    • 2.25x dmg. vs Armour
    • 1.25x dmg. vs Flesh
    • 0.75x dmg. vs Shields

Chronos changes:

  • Updated scope; its now fully animated.

Harpocrates changes:

  • Updated scope; made it more see-through. Making the gun easier to use.

Behemoth changes:

  • Updated skin; cropped circuits, makes it look better.

Thundercloud changes:

  • Updated skin, its a super real thundercloud now.

Railgun changes:

  • Updated skin; looks more badass now. It got double layered, etc.

Bloodbath changes:

  • Updated skin; doesn’t move all too fast anymore. Makes it feel more bloodish as blood doesn’t move all that fast.

Warpdriver changes:

  • Increased projectile speed buff by 100%, its now 350%

Kratos changes:

  • Fixed explosion error in its system.

Sawed-Off changes:

  • Fixed issue where bullets fired, didn’t de-spawn after a certain amount of travel time.
  • Increased dmg. by 15%
  • Equip time extended by 30%
  • Increased reloadspeed by 10%

Myriad changes:

  • Improved Myriad overall persuit grid.
  • VA Myriads don’t spam taunts anymore.
  • Marshal rank and up doesn’t flinch when fired/smacked upon, they are too high level to care about anyone’s puny attack reels.
  • Myriads now “teleport out” instead of blow up upon expiration. This makes for less screen clutter, wierd Yamcha poses and saves a tat on FPS. It also make them more lore friendly.
  • Fixed errors in both Commander HJB and Sir Saelt Scorpio StateLogic.
  • Fixed error where Commander HJB’s Scorpio would still fire rockets, as that is Sir Saelts forté.
  • Various smaller fixes of all sorts, improving Ai, movement, pathfinding, etc.
  • Fixed error in the Myraid Specialists where they had CharacterClass values from the Myriad Super Specialists.
  • Rebalanced all standard Myriad classes to be more unique in their own respect.
  • Rebalanced Myriad Commander Joltz’ medicinal turret towards the new Field-Medic class.
  • Myriad Commanders have been re-scaled to fit in-between Elite-Marshal ranks.
  • Added more armour padding to Grand Marshal Grimmjow J.
  • Rebalanced all Myriad Scorpio’s. They aren’t as redicilously tanky anymore. Prompting the higher tier Myriads to toss their turrets out more often as they get destroyed.
  • Overall Myriad recolour/colour adjustment:
    • Flipped colour scheme on HJB & Salty Scorpio.
    • Added more colour depth to the normal Myriads.
    • Made the colour scheme on the Specialists lighter to set them apart from Elites & Salty.
    • Made Salty colour scheme darker and grey-er.
    • Tweaked individual colour schemes on the normal Myriads.
    • Adjusted Joltz Scorpio Med-Texture.
    • Various other tweaks & things.
  • Added new Myriad classes:
    • Arealist
    • Field-Medic
    • Super Arealist
    • Super Field-Medic
  • Added new unique Myriad:
    • Myriad Elite, Dr. Uggs (Ugyuu won the “Myriad Recruitment” competition and got put in as an Elite (Lieutenant rank) Myriad)

Killswitch changes:

  • Has its 5% chance to kill back.

Stingray changes:

  • Projectile speed buffed from 500% to 750%

Hardass changes:

  • Fixed typo.

Fusillation changes:

  • Fixed bug in the extra bullets which spawn. During 2p+ matches the extra bullets whould go on impacting on surfaces without removing themselves, causing lag/FPS drops. This is now fixed.

Cricket changes:

  • Increased knockback from 15000% to 20000%
  • Increased dmg. by 2,5%

Guerrilla changes:

  • Increased rof by 25% to make it compete better with the Dahl Penetrator.
  • Decreased reloadspeed by 50%
  • Decreased dmg. by 1%
  • Increased accuracy by 5%

Fortification changes:

  • Increased healing efficiency on shooting allies by 50%
  • Increased dmg. by 5%

Traitor changes:

  • Increased accuracy by 10%
  • Decreased dmg. by 15%

Reassurance changes:

  • Fixed error where the weapon did not portray its signature ability of insane reloadspeed.
  • Increased dmg. by 10%

Phalanx changes:

  • Size of the bubbleshield has been increased.
  • Added a PhysMat to the bubbleshield, resulting in the surface reacting to oncoming fire.

Tyche changes:

  • Increased crit. dmg. by 50%

Agonizer changes:

  • Bullets split into 3 after penetration of an object/pawn.
  • Decreased dmg. by 20%

Komodo changes:

  • Split bullets explode in corrosive upon surface contact.

Flatline changes:

  • Health buff lowered from 500% to 250%
  • Infinite FFYL bug has been patched out.

Blackbird changes:

  • Doomshot length reduced from 6 to 5sec.
  • Doomshot raw dmg. and crit. dmg. reduced from 250% to 200%
  • Doomshot screenparticle texture changed.

Vulcan Fury changes:

  • Increased dmg. by 5%
  • Rebalanced soft accuracy stats.

Damnation changes:

  • Increased recoil-reduction by 25%
  • Rebalanced soft accuracy stats.

Just remember that the current link which leads to the installer version of the Arsenal isn’t updated yet. This as its still being updated and brought up-to-speed.

where can i get the updated files?

Check the downloads.

after updating the mod, i started a new character, and all of the new items dropped are level 16, is this intentional?

Hey Mr_GJ, great stuff! Though I was wondering a couple things:

  1. how easy was the “insert into loot pool” portion of this mod? I was doing some research into possibly adding the original pearls/coms added with General Knoxx DLC into loot tables of the rest of the game, but I haven’t found much in that regard.
  2. would it be possible to alter the color of the legendary and pearl items with an ever-so-slightly different shade? I’d love to be able to get hyped while looting when i see one of your items lying on the ground at a distance.



1.: You can’t. The OG BL can’t be altered.
2.: What do you mean?

@pelegsh99 Yes. People were complaining that high level enemies dropped low level things. I just reversed that for this patch.

Thanks for the quick reply!
1: so you created new loot pools is what you’re saying? sorry, my terminology is probably wrong, but im basically looking to recreate the OG pearls and have them be lootable in vanilla and DLC’s 1 & 2 similar to how you’re getting your custom weapons/items to drop from mobs.
2: You mean that the weapons you’ve created can only have rarity colors already used by OG BL?

I’m currently using a color editor tool so that all greens, money, health is white and pearls are red. i was hoping that i could use the tool after installing your patch to change the color of your items so that they differ from OG BL leg/pearls

Again, you can’t alter the OG game so that’s not a thing. I mean you can recreate the OG pearls, but I don’t know what you’ll be getting out of it as the pools are additive and not native, meaning you’ll never get the same experience nor narrowing down.

As for my stuff. They use the same color coding as the OG game.

ok, thank you

Ah ok, I see what you’re saying. I was really just hoping to find some way to farm for OG BL pearls outside of the Knoxx DLC. Thanks again for the fast responses, man. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

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Hey Mr.GJ I just wanted to say thank you for making this amazing content! Found it a week ago and have since made a new profile and switched to pc from xbox. I have a question though. Do you have to have one of the loot vials or the sheild to make your items spawn and where can they drop? I entered the codes into willow tree but nothing appears in my inventory in game. I’m up to level 23 soldier and haven’t seen any items yet. Your tutorial was so simple I don’t think I messed that up. I just want to confirm that your items are in the loot pool. Not sure if this means anything but I can’t get oasis working either to check out the abandoned badlands it says this (you were unable to join the host because you either have an incompatible version of the game, or the host is currently in downloadable content you do not have) when I try to fast travel there. I’ve memorized all the read me’s and tutorials by now so I think its some setting or something. I would be happy with just the custom weapons in the vanilla game if you could help me with that I can live without the custom maps though I want them badly. Sorry for the long post!

Huge new fan,

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Are you sure you clicked ‘Save Changes’ in WillowTree after putting in the code for the vials? I forget that every time. And yes, you need to use the vial from your inventory every time you load the game.
As for the Oasis thing, I had the same problem - chances are the game is just having trouble loading in custom content, I usually have to wait at least a few minutes after installing a new .udk. Just keep trying to load the game and it will work eventually.

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Pixel gave a good rundown.

I also want to make sure you have Dr. Zed’s Patch properly installed. So that means all its contents in the right place and win7_fix.bat run as admin after which nvcpl.dll got deleted from your Binaries.