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So I ran the installer just the way it was instructed, put in the code for the vial into my character’s item tab in WillowTree. I can start up the game and get to the main menu just fine. Yet whenever i try to click on a character that has the code for the vials, my game just freezes up. Can anyone help explain me through this?

First load is a long load. Let it load.

FYI: The arsenal is not some small addition to the game. The actual thing is rather large.

Okay, another possibly silly question. Why can’t i get the vials to be level one? Every time i try, it just makes them only usable at level 16. How can i change that.because changing the level thing in WillowTree doesn’t seem to want to work, and I don’t want to set my character to level 16. I will if i have to, but I want to see if there’s an alternative.

Also thanks for helping me yourself, Grimmjow. Didn’t expect you to of all people, but at the same time it makes sense that you help since you made the gear. Either way, thanks, much appreciated!

Whats the best ways y’all farm these items? I’m trying to find some different ways farm these items, underdome seams to be the best rn. What about you guys?

@kirby12345080 If you haven’t, try setting the required level to 1 instead of 0 or ‘Disabled’, these don’t work sometimes. But if you set it to 1, they will definitely be usable immediately.
If you’re talking about the guns dropped only being level 16, that’s just how balance works, you’re gonna need to level up a bit 'til you can use them. Past that point they should be more on-level.
@681rhodesa Zombie Island is the quickest, hands down.

My favorites are 2 custom maps: crow’s nest, and the eridian dlc - there are a SH*TLOAD of spiderants, rakks, and those bugs. And set the players number via 4-player difficulty slider to four to spawn even more enemies.

Hi Guys! Can someone help me, with the installaton? I downloaded the mod, installed it and it created a folder in my Borderlands folder called TDW Modpack Installer. But when i finished the installation the system32 window popped up and I got the masseges: the sytem can’t find the path specified. What should I do? Or i’ve done someting wrong?

You installed it into a separate folder.

Simply don’t do that but instead install it where you have Borderlands installed, as per the instructions in the Installer Program.

I’ve done it like that. Selected my main borderlands folder on my hdd. Steam --> Steamapps–>common–>Borderlands. I installed it there and I still got the system32 fails. :frowning:

Do you run a legit copy of BL?

Sure! I’ve boght it like 1-2 yrs ago and about a year ago I installed the modpack succesfully. But I1ve got a new HDD so i had to reinstall it, and now i just can’t.

Welp, instead of using the installer you could just try the manual version download. But that does mean you’ll also have to download Dr Zed’s patch manually and install that manually. But that ain’t rocket science.

Mr. Grimmjow, do you happen to have a list of all the Hybrids for your arsenal?


Escalation - Surkov
Mantis - Raven
Laelaps - Troll
Morpheus - Cyclops
Hammerhead - Bulldog
Andromeda - Thanatos

I think that was about it.

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Thanks man!, now i know what to look out for. also I don’t know if this is a change to the loot vials or a bug but when i started a new character, are the weapons from your arsenal meant to drop starting at level 16? (also I set my loot vials to level 1)

Yeah. Loot drops according to game level up until lvl 50 or so. So expect intervals.

I apologise - I know you probably get asked this all the time and have answered it a million times but how do you get the weapons to start spawning - I have downloaded and installed everything according to the readme but is there something extra I need to do?

You need to get one of the willowtree codes of one of the TCD vials into your inventory. Codes are at the OG post of this thread.

Which vials drop Bloodless weapons?

(Probs won’t get one etiher way)

all of them can