The Arsenal - Latest Revision: 16/12/2019

Thanks bro. I look forward to your reactions on my other stuff. Glad that the Stingray does its thing for ya!

I actually used the normal Grimmjow after killing the destroyer, to see what dropped. I saw a bunch of stuff.

Cassiopeia: Seems interesting, is it always Shock? Not sure what the purple splashes were, but it did a bunch of damage.

Neurokill: Just an above average CR, yeah? With a hefty crit bonus? I found a pounder variant, sadly.

Triple: Found a masher variant. Fire rate was too low to make effective use of, but if I decide to play my 69 Mordy with this, I’ll be hunting one of those.

Sawed-Off: Great idea, but unfortunately not very good in practice. Might try it on Shotgun Roland.

Equuleus: I just don’t get it. Is it just a good revolver with a blade and a big mag?

Comet: I too found a pounder variant. Unlike you, I loved it.

Reckoner: Interesting, but I didn’t use it much.

Abaddon: I assume it’s basically just always corrosive + extra fire rate? Does it have other effects?

Headbanger: Skullmasher, distilled three times. Strong. Slow. Jakobs.

Hand Cannon: Explosive without saying so? Massive damage, slow fire rate. Slow bullets.

Hammerhead: I love it. I love it so much. Started off with a normal grimmjow, and this was one of the first guns I found. Level 3, and it annhilated level 10+ enemies.

Virgo: Only found a coiple, not too impressed. might have been because they were elemental, but they felt slow and weak.

Not a huge fan of the weird grenades, but I found a Myriad and I do quite like it. The struggle to make that work was worth it.

Found more Roland coms than brick coms, even in regular play, including several of your own. The Dandyman seems really, REALLY good, like a heavy gunner gone crazy. I love it. I need it.

I also got a dropped grimmjow, ironically.

Cassiopeia = Mandatory shock + daze (purple explosions)
Neurokill = Torgue CR -> Torgue doesn’t make CR’s and yes it has +100% crit.
Triple = Can be very deadly indeed
Sawed-Off = Use it in CQC places like Sledge’s Safehouse only. It should be banned.
Equuleus = S&S Revolver -> S&S doesn’t make revolvers. It has a big mag. and a nice RoF to boot.
Comet = Maliwan CR -> Maliwan doesn’t make CR’s. It has a chance to fire a big proc. explosions bullet.
Reckoner = Torgue Revolver -> Torgue doesn’t make revolvers. Its bullets daze enemies and has a unique spread pattern
Abaddon = Not always corrosive but more then the next SMG with the corrosive acc.
Headbanger = Fires bouncing bullets.
Hand Cannon = Torgue Machinepistol -> Torgue doesn’t make Machinepistols. Mandatory explosive with lots of damage, comparable to the Torgue pistols from BL2.
Hammerhead = An ass kicker
Virgo = Extreme magazine capacity, more of a support Machinegun then anything else.

Weird grenades? What weird grenades? And yes the Myriad is one of the best of the lot. It was a pain to make but the end result is there.

Also about the GJ shield drop… Get trolled! XD (my way of trolling peeps)

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I was aware that those manufacturers didn’t make those guns normally, figured it was a bit too obvious to mention.

Gotta saym though, GJ on most of these, if not all. Didn’t know Headbanger had bouncing bullets!

So glad you kept working on it until it worked, instead of scrapping it. It’s awesome.

Sorry, I’ve been super busy recently. I use a spawner shield for PokeBL, Grenade Launchers, and Snowlandsgunz.

My remastered loot pack has spawner grenades, shields, and COMs (so you aren’t restricted to a certain item).


Bro, check this: you get the cred’s.


Òh óh! People! Bloodless!!! (I figured I’d post the pictures of what its all about)




W-what the… That was just… nuts.

That red text on Infinite Mugetsu though.

Sacré bleu right?


Also, everyone, don’t forget to let me know whenever you manage to get your hands on one!

I checked out your Bloodless weapons and I must say you’ve done great job. My favorites so far are Aether and Ion Cannon. I really love particles, especially on Ion Cannon, and Aether is basically like a meteor strike from sky wich is awesome :smiley:

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Ion Cannon… Well the cats-out-of-the-bag with that one. If you don’t know what an Ion Cannon is nowaday’s then you’re behind the times. And as for the Aether its an Orbital Platform Strike. So yeah… I told you I was good with particles? XD



Ok peeps I’ve started working on the 5th weapon pack. And in tandem with said weapon pack I’m also working on a very special update for all my previous weapons from the 1st till the 4th pack. With this update I’m introducing fully animated weapons skins for some existing weapons and new custom scopes for some weapons + some scopes will also get animated!

With the introduction of the 5th weapon pack I’ll be trying to create new and interesting weapons and with this I will make new weapon models (custom ones) to further flesh out my deck with new and creative items, some of said items will also have animated skins.

Note that I’m open for weapon idea’s and the like, feel free to leave them here and I’ll see what I can do. You could also view the above posted video for further details on how get me to 100% guaranteed make you the gun you’ve always wanted in Borderlands.

I have a few ideas for weapons I’ve come up with more or less recently hope some will be helpful. Manufacturers can be changed if deemed appriopriate (I’m terrible at making up balanced weapons so I’ll leave it to you to judge the rarity ofthem; criticism is much appreciated)

Crescent Rose (Hyperion Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle)
It’s also a gun.
Low bullet damage, 500% melee damage bonus, 200% movement speed while wielded

This special effect would probably work better with a shotgun, but the gun is a homage to the sniper rifle Crescent Rose from RWBY, and I’m a shameless fanboy. Could end up similar to BL2’s Rapier, though.
EDIT: Could also spawn without a scope to make it mor useful at short ranges

Ember Celica (S&S/Maliwan Combat Shotgun)
Instead of “sweetheart,” you can just call me “sir”!
Hybrid incendiary/explosive procs, high accuracy, always spawns with 12-round mag
EDIT: Mandatory melee accessory, forgot about it earlier

Another RWBY reference, because I can never decide whether i prefer hearing enemies scream in agony from being burned alive or blast them and count the hilarious amount of bloody bits.

Unicorn (Tediore Machine Pistol)
Sugar and spice and everything nice!
Reduced magazine size, increased fire rate and reload speed, randomly switches elemental effect every reload, could utilize custom effects, like homing bullets with reduced damage, Obliterator shots, or perhaps penalties, like setting yourself on fire, movement speed reduced to a snail’s pace etc.

Because using a gun with random effects is always fun, and who doesn’t like pushing their luck for the lulz?

Deathwish (Torgue Revolver)
Danse Macabre
Drastically increased crit damage, chance to put yourself in FFYL upon crit. In FFYL you gain increased accuracy (so that you can actually land a shot and save yourself)

Russian roulette in gun form. Basically a weaker, portable Oneshot with a gambit (and insurance policy) to boot. I have serious doubts about this one, but to hell with it.

Regent (Jakobs Assault Shotgun)
Hey Shitcrumb!
7.5% chance to ragdoll an enemy (perhaps 15%?), one pellet per shot, huge damage bonus

Major flaw of many video games: NOT ENOUGH RAGDOLL. Also, if you get the obscure reference, I salute you. (Tip: it’s a character from a web serial)

Caffeine (Vladof LMG)
You just destroyed my favorite clothing store… Prepare to die!
Minimum 20.0 fire rate, revs up to 40.0 much like a minigun (lower fire rate if such high speed is impossible). Decreased damage, enough magazine size for it to be possible to load all bullets you can carry into it and low accuracy. Regenerates 5-20% of your ammo reserves on kill.

And another RWBY reference (hey, you made an entire COM set referencing Hellsing, let me have my cake). This here’s a heavy hitter. Intended for use against hordes of enemies, preferably accopmpanying a boss so you can alternate between shredding the big guy and regenerating your ammo on the minions. Or simply ripping Pandora a shiny set of seventeen new ■■■■■■■■.

That’s it for now, if you like it, I’ll add more when I come up with something. If you don’t, point out exactly why they suck and I’ll take the advice. Great work on the items so far and I hope to see that 5th weapon pack soon!

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Finally a response to my call for help. There are certainly some very interesting items in there. I’ll see what I can do!

If I had any ideas beyond blatant wish fulfillment I’d share them.

Although something’s been on my mind for some time now.

Hyperion SMG
2 Projectiles
Increased Critical Damage
Low Base Damage
Very High Accuracy
Very High Fire Rate
Average Mag size
Fast reload
Skin Color should be purple with yellow accents

May or may not yell ORA ORA ORA whenever it’s fired

Yeeeeaaaaaah, that one’s really blatant isn’t it?
Sorry, that’s just so ridiculous.

I’d really like to see a gun you actually intended to be used for explosion jumping. Very low damage but excellent propulsion.

Would be a pretty good Legendary gun. As for the ORA, part. Have any audio I could use for that?

Some more stuff I came up with:

Bandicoot (Dahl Assault Shotgun)
Crash’m Bash’m
Increased projectile count, projectiles travel in a tornado-like spread much like BL2’s Twister

More of a novelty weapon than anything else, because one can never get enough of Crash Bandicoot.

Arsonist (S&S Rocket Launcher)
Goddammit Gavin!
Guaranteed super-powered incendiary procs with blast radius of a mini-nuke

Area denial. 'Nuff said.

Soulless (Tourge Combat Shotgun)
Wild Run to Tragedy
Carnage barrel, increased damage and projectile speed, firing costs you 5% of your maximum health, but fully heals you on kill

I hate the weak stats of many Carnage shotguns, because I’d love to tear some people up with an automatic handheld RPG. Add a gimmick to fuel that bloodlust even further and BAM! you become a one-man carpet bombing.

Shinobi (Hyperion Revolver)
Never bring a knife to a gun fight. Unless you’re a ninja.
Scoring a crit renders you invisible for 5 seconds (this bonus stacks). Mandatory bayonet with increased melee damage boost. Increased accuracy, decreased fire rate (and reload speed?)

Ever feel like clearing out an entire room without the enemies ever realising you were there? I do.

I’m out for now, will toss some more stuff your way later
PS. Do you accept ideas for shields and grenades now as well? I know this package is gonna be weapons, but maybe they’ll come in handy later (not really modest here Pixel…)

That’s a tough one. All the Youtube stuff is with (probably copyrighted) JoJo music and we can’t just ask Daisuke Ono to record some lines for a silly game mod (as awesome as that would be).
There might be music less voice files in the All-Star Battle game but that would result in yet another problem.

It’s probably better to go the safe way, it’s just not as amazing.

Back with a lot more ideas for shiny new soulstabbers.

Fanatic (Atlas Revolver)
Upon dealing otherwise lethal damage, there is a 25% chance for the enemy to temporarily become your ally, charge at the nearest enemy and blow himself up with a nova.

Kinda like the Mantis, but with 25% more suicide bombings

Scorpion (Dahl Rocket Launcher)
"You team-kiling f*tard!"
Single-shot with increased blast radius and slow reload speed; players caught within the blast will gain a temporary boost to damage, movement speed and reload speed

Combine with Roland’s Cauterize and a Marine COM or Brick for maximum pwnage on your teammates’ part

Rico (Torgue SMG)
Anarchy SMG firing 4 small rockets at once at a cost of 8 bullets. Increased mag, but slow reloads.

Being an Anarchy, this’ll only really be good for close range or really big targets, but come on, with this many rockets on the screen, I wouldn’t complain. Also, Blast Master Brick, anyone?

Grasshopper (Dahl Repeater)
Start thinking in 3D
Fires grappling hooks which don’t deal damage. If an enemy is hit, another shot pulls him towards you. If an object or a wall is hit, another shot will make you zip towards it and cling to it. Right-clicking drops you from the wall. Switching weapons while attached does not make you fall.

Don’t know if this can even be done, but if yes, that’d be an awesome utility item to have, especially while sniping from afar: shoot at the nearest huge rock, hang onto it and snipe from an elevated position.

Emergency (Tediore Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle)
Better safe than sorry
Increased mag size; when unscoped, fires all bullets left in the mag at once.

Hip-firing with sniper rifles is inaccurate as hell; this could give you an edge if somebody manages to get up close to you and surprise you. Or you could run around putting 10 sniper rifle bullets into bandits’ heads at once to watch the bloody fireworks.

Junkie (Maliwan Machine Pistol)
I want it ALL
Enemies killed with this have a chance to drop a vial of Carbonated Acid, which increases your movement speed and fire rate, and slowly drains your health while you’re under the effects of it. Picking up another vial fills your health.

Idea came from a little in-joke; I’ve actually heard one of my teachers describe Mountain Dew as carbonated acid… After previous suggestions I guess it was obvious I’d put some kinda double-edged sword on this list.

Magnhild (Atlas Combat Shotgun)
Fires contact grenades in a parabolic arc (like regular grenades, not the Leviathan’s grenades). Grenades and explosions are pink in color. Decreased reload speed, increased damage, increased blast radius. Grenade launcher is silver with pink magazine.

An FPS game without a proper bloody rotary grenade launcher is hardly an FPS game at all. Also, references!
EDIT: Yeah, I kinda derped and forgot that the Jackal already exists. Just ignore this entry.

Hysteria (Hyperion SMG)
If life ain’t just a joke, then why are we laughing?
Firing causes gunto erupt in hysterical laughter. Holding down the trigger makes the gun fire and reload faster up to a specified amount.

Bane gets a redux. As for the laughter, just get as many people to record their cumulative noise.

Pintsizer (Maliwan Machine Pistol)
Fires incendiary laser blasts.

I really just want a laser pistol. That is all.

Credit for the guns below goes to JCScoper, my buddy who’s getting BL1 but is too inept to create a freakin’ SHiFT account and post it himself

Thrillseeker (Atlas Rocket Launcher)
Live now. You may be dead by tomorrow.
Fires rockets which follow the sight. Increased ammo cost.

Sometimes you can’t hit a bastard because he’s moving to fast and your helix launcher doesn’t have a good enough blast radius. Now the odds are in your favor (or you could play rocket tag with a pal)

Leech (Hyperion Sniper Rifle)
Long distance relationship
Low base damage, initial bullet spawns additional projectiles as it travels; spawned projectiles have a 5% chance to either have life steal or replenish ammo in your magazine upon hit.

Lots of arguing was had over this one’s mechanics. Subject to change if JC comes up with another brilliant twist on it. Either way, nice little thing to keep the pressure on the enemies going.

Mr. Nobody (Torgue Sniper Rifle)
Butterfly effect
Fires ricocheting explosive discs. Upon hitting an enemy, the disc splits into three, travels in a high parabolic arc and flies towards nearby enemies. Mag size increased to 20, consumes 4 ammo per shot.

Not entirely sure about the reasoning behind this one, but I can’t argue with explosions. Original concept involved proximity mines instead of discs, may wanna consider that too.

Lagspike (Tediore Repeater)
Ping: way too high
Drastically increased fire rate and very high crit damage, but lowered base damage. Takes 3 seconds to charge before firing all bullets in the magazine in one burst.

Inspired by low-end PCs, higher learning curve then usual, but rewarding effects. Subject to change as JC kept talking about some reload mechanics I couldn’t wrap my head around.

This was a metric f***ton of text, so don’t expect much soon, but if something new comes up, I’ll post it here. Cheers.

Whoa rapid fire much? Anyway love this stuff. When I’m down on idea’s I can always sniff through these. Note that I won’t make all of these, but I can tell you that I’ve picked at least 1 which I’ll 100% make.

You should see me over in the BL2 forums - I’ve thrown up at least two dozen gun ideas, and I’m pretty sure half of them or more are great.

Problem is trying to make guns that fit BL1, since most of my ideas are based on manufacturer gimmicks or tie into their bl2 personalities.