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  1. Where do you download them from? 2. Is that program complicated to use?

Just go to the official AutoDesk website and download yourself a “student” version of AutoDesk 3dsMax.

As for the other programs needed + the 3dsMax extension I’ll need to ask my buddy @Sleepmaster to help with that as I myself have no idea where to find them…

As for difficulty. Yeah its pretty difficult. However there are of course gradations in this going from difficult to seriously difficult.

Sure is alot of other programs needed just to make a hybrid weapon lol, just finished learning how to make a weapon now i have to learn how to make it a hybrid, that’s gonna be fun.

Making “hybrids” is a huge step-up doe. Its probably one of the highest class skills for BL custom weapons.

Well i would to do it, i love making custom content because you can really do what ever you want, the only thing i cant do is make custom maps, i wanted to rip my ■■■■■■■ hair out from how aggravating that was.

Mssg to y’all. Got a new Steam Group for those who have a passion for BL custom content!

Go join it and stay up-to-date with all things custom made for BL! XD

[WIP] Project The Dust Wastes - “unofficial” 5th DLC! (Didn’t came / won’t come easy…)

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Sorry to be bother but i gotta ask you a couple more things, how do you make shields/class-mods, and how do people make the rarity for there weapons red? like a health vial.

Rarity can be altered by tweaking the various unique parts/titles for an item with the rarity settings on them.
Its normally achieved by adding the right amount of: InventoryAttributeDefinition’gd_Balance_Inventory.Rarity_Weapon.WeaponPartRarity6_Legendary’ To them.

As for shields/COM’s: -> To make a new PartsListDefinition. Then Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V parts from existing shields/coms from the: And edit them as you see fit. Don’t forget to make a new ItemPool def. from: to make it spawnable.

alright, thanks for your help.

its funny I find maps easier to do its mainly copy/paste and move but takes longer to do stuff
as for guns and stuff apart from the basics I’m lost lol
brian goodsell vids are good

really? you find maps easier, it took me about 6-10 hours to learn how to make weapons and i tried to learn how to make a map for 2-4 hours and nearly pulled my hair out lol

But there is a difference in “making maps” and “making maps.”

true true I did say I mainly copy/paste find what I need from other maps scale items up or down etc

also how do you make those gun cards ??

Mr_GJ you talk to your friend on how to get those other programs to make hybrids weapons with?

I used the @ so he should reply here sometime soon.

@barnes3 You mean the item cards? Go to your inventory and rightmouse-click on an item, it should say “take screenshot.” Do that, then head over to your “My Games” folder -> Borderlands -> WillowGame -> Screenshots and BOOM! :smiley:

also, how to people make pearlescent weapons shoot out of the chest, like the custom map loot haven?

Well then… Need to update some pictures then :blush:

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Found three more weapons with Hardcore henry in the Zombie DLC. Hitman (bolt action+perfect accuracy i guess?), Steve (semiauto fast fire rate jakobs machine pistol) and Annihilator (Hyperion machine gun, mine was explosive). Enjoying the variety! Too bad I’ve found 3 class mods and only 1 for me though.

I just gotta say, I love your stuff and have not only played with it for a little while now, I 've also started introducing it to friends and they absolutely LOVE the stuff you make! Very much looking forwards to your next item pack GJ!

PS Just a thought for the grenade mods, specifically for Vladof. The Alexei, a contact grenade mod that causes a sort of bleeding DoT within a very limited area of effect (pretty much the exact opposite of the Wrecker’s explosive status, so like… maybe even only single enemy or 2.) Considering your Bloodbath gun, it would be quite interesting to see something just a little bit similar, but not quite as powerful and more of a limited use object, maybe even limiting the length of time the DoT works from it. Also it would be an interesting nod to Russian history; the last Tsar’s son, Alexei had Haemophilia B, a disease that causes one’s blood to not clot (thus the bleeding effect.) Another idea would be to have that kind of effect in a nova shield but I think that would be a bit too easy to utilize to be Legendary level rather than Pearlescent.


Hey thanks for the idea’s. I really like the Vladof themed one, I like the background behind the idea. I myself always try to make a greater background for my items/weapons and that right there is the way I approach things. I’ll see what I can do.