The Arsenal - Latest Revision: 31/01/2021

Thanks for the awesome gear! I really wished someone would just put all the good gear created by modders and joined them into a single pack.
You, NolaFTW and SleepMaster are amazing modders, a great contribution to the BL community.
Keep up the good work :smile:

Thanks good sir, I’ll sure will keep things up! Gear pack nr. 2 is just around the corner! :wink:

    I’ve updated all released packs!

Just a few pictures to show progress of a TDW playthrough with Mordecai and how well these guns can carry you through the game. I mean, I’m not blazing though enemies, but man they are still badass even at the levels mine are at.

Look at the two guns I’ve managed to find so far. The levels and look at my level. I mean, I am itching to find a replacement by now but I’m still able to kill stuff lol.


Nice weapons dude! Just a little tip: If you want to show off your screenshot, you can just press a button on your keyboard called “Prt Scr” (Or “Print Screen”), then go to Paint and press Ctrl+V and Boom! instant screenshot! Looks alot better.

Wow, nice… These in-game pic’s of my shizz iz awezome bro. Also what GJ shield are you using?

Hardcore version

Also, lonefox. I know. I play at work and don’t have an Internet connection to my laptop. So to be able to upload stuff using an iPhone taking a picture is the best bet. Appreciate it though.

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Just a little update on Grimjows gear playthrough I’m doing. Finally found some upgrades and a new respect for the Agonizer. Guys, do a playthrough with the hardcore version of the shield. It’s well worth it and you’ll have time to bond with some of these outstanding guns.
Also, if you get the laelaps. You’re in for some fun.


Hahahaha! Nice. You’re doing the same thing as I’m doing with that Let’s Play that I have goin’ on atm on YT. Well done bro. Keep it up!

Thanks GJ. I want to start making up a file with detailed info on your guns. I know you can watch your let’s play and hear you explain the weapons as you find them and whatnot, but having a compilation of information on them in one place would be excellent.

There’s just no telling what any of your gear will do. One minute I think I have a gun figured out and then out of nowhere it does something new. I swear the Agonizer has a hidden crit bonus on it. The thing just eats stuff up when headshots. You should have seen the Destroyer get face rolled from it.

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Yeah I could help with that. Also, HandsomeJackBoy said that he will make review (video’s) for all of my items, and probably after I’m done with the Let’s Play I’ll make proper usage video’s as well.

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This is the stuff. I’ve been using pistols mostly on Mordy and I LOVE IT. My favorite has to be the Andromeda so far. It’s just so much fun to use, especially on bigger enemies and it looks so pretty. The Cerberus is #2. It’s doesn’t looks pretty but it eats foes like, well, a giant three-headed dog. Unfortunately it was apparently so badass it crashed my game causing me to lose it and some other guns. Oh well, just more reasons to keep playing!
Soon I’ll test more gear on the other characters (I really want to see Laelaps on Lilith) and I’ll be looking for even better variants of the Andromeda.
Good job and I am looking forward to the new stuff <3

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Much obliged. I’m glad you enjoy it. Don’t worry. My 2nd gearpack is on it’s way! It’s weird though that it crashed your game. Can you recall what you were doing at the time when it happened? If it’s linkable to one of my items I could issue a fix-patch for it.

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I fought in the Bog within Underdome 2.0. A zombie came uncomfortably close and I shot it’s face with the Fire Cerberus pretty much point-blank when it happened. I might have had Relentless working when it happened but I didn’t think about checking kill skills.

That shouldn’t pose any problems. I think it’s just a normal game failure.

Sounds about right. Unfortunate event but there’s only so much the engine can handle by itself I suppose.

True. Well in any case, glad that it wasn’t something that is specifically linked to one of my creations (saves me the trouble of finding out exactly what is going wrong). :smiley:

Yeah, it only means you did your work well :3

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Hey there people. It’s Mr GJ (Tha Campin’ Dutchman) here just to let you guy’s know I’m still busy with my 2nd gear pack. Here is a overview of my current progress:

Gear Package 2 (version 0.0):

Manufacturer - Progress (Yes = done / No = not done) - Name reveal

Anshin - Yes - Astragalus
Anshin - Yes - Freesia
Atlas - Yes - Uranus
Dahl - Yes - Kraken (Arb99 contribute)
Hyperion - Yes - Neutrino (HandsomeJackBoy contribute)
Jakobs - Yes - Zero Point
Maliwan - Yes - Limnic Eruption
Pangolin - Yes - Phalanx
Pangolin - Yes - Myriad
S&S - Yes - Indus
Tediore - Yes - Quarterback
Torgue - Yes - Wrecker
Vladof - Yes - Insurrection

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Thanks. I’m planning to play Borderlands 1 again with my sister and this will surely bring back the feeling of discovering new gears and trying to find out what they do :grin:

Nice, I’ll guarantee that!