The ART of The Kingdom of Mark Lanegan and the Nicotine Fairies

So yeah. Thought about making this thread so our doodles don’t get lost in the piles of crazy RP posts.

So first up, a need a Boss conundrum. Broccoli suggested a chimera. Since said boss is attacking Sanctuary, I thought it should be made out of Pandora Life. Then I doodled this up lol…

And another crazy doodle of a cast of characters of mine. What do you get when you mix Gnomes with Hyperion Robots and Team Fortress 2? This…

Had to figure out a way to represent the respawn thing in TF2. Thought a Constru… Gnomestructor would fit the bill! Gnomestructors are loaded with speakers because I rock the 80’s music! Also, that’s Navi in there too, yup… Navi!

It’s a bit tough for me to draw these days, hence the sketchy state of these. Dunno why my hand gets sore so fast :<

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Did see navi until you pointed it out. Guess i will have to draw moar stuffs

The RP thread is almost at 2,000 posts. Who’s gonna read all of that?

That’s one thing about my art. It gets extremely cluttered. Usually the most common critique is my stuff is too busy lol.

Nobody, but at lest they can see the arts now.

You drawreded a Sword way back. Put it in here too!

Ill take a better image. Mostly so i don’t have to scroll through so many posts. Goin’ to do it tomorrow tho

I wish I could draw like you man.
Yet, I never understood that thread.

Which reminds me, i have an awesome drawing of Bobby, but i need to clean it up and add a ton of stuffs.

Awesome drawings wish to draw like you buddy. Good job

The revival of this thread gives me reason to post some kinda cool pictures sometime soon.