The Art of the Stealth skin giveaway

Hey. Been doing some Crimson Radio Crew Challenges lately and I got some leftover skins to giveaway. I know it’s not a god rolled weapon or such, but knowing how much time it takes to go through the challenges and how random the skins can be, thought I give it away, hopefully save some time for somebody. Let me know if you need them, I don’t need anything in exchange. Got two of them for Amara, one for FL4K and one for Moze.

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if no one else was interested I would mind. Didn’t realize the skin rewards were random like that until just now…if they were static/reliable I’d just grind them myself but as it is I can just see it being another lesson in frustration…
I main FL4K typically but play everyone as well.
Grateful for whatever relieves another potential headache and will pass on the love in similar fashion if I find myself getting duplicates.

Yeah, they are random unfortunately. It can be frustrating grinding through the whole base game a second time to unlock them for characters you don’t have unlocked it yet and instead getting another two that you already unlocked. First come first served, you’re the winner :smiley: Add me on Epic n_tamas91

im on steam. can they be mailed cross platform?

That’s a good question :thinking: there’s cross-platform play, so it should be possible.

i thought thats how it was supposed to be n I know if getting the streamer mail it doesn’t matter what platform but I don’t think I ever got around to confirming mail myself
booting up bl3 to double check my shift account

my shift name is same as my name on here, wanted to double check I didn’t have some variation.

I sent you a DM

Just sent a SHiFT friend request too :smiley: