The Ascended enemies seriously need a nerf

They have way too much health and combined with the teleporting it makes them really not fun to fight especially on Mayhem 3. I think their health and spawn frequency should be significantly reduced. I know they’re there to add challenge to TVHM, but with how they’re balanced right now they have more health and damage than most of the actual boss fights it’s pretty ridiculous.


I’ve noticed something similar to this. At this point I take out all other enemies and try to figure out which weapons are buffed due to mayhem mod and which are weak.

I understand that part of it. I just have issues with how they’re designed especially the ascended Militants with their invincibility phases and shield.

I hate the tinks

In my experience, the anointed enemies aren’t too bad unless you have multiple of them at once, but that can still be dealt with. Just nuke down the lowest one, and try to spam CC cooldowns.

Use flakker. easy…

Yea the flakker is not that good lol. Yea proving grounds tvhm is pretty difficult youd almost need the most broken build to beat that in 5min. Unless you save quit til you get more ideal buffs mayhem 3.

Worst one is the Militant. It’s immune while attacking ffs, and its attacks oneshot you on most Mayhem 3 maps.