The Ask The Aviants Holoshow!

Nope. He’s useless. Sure, he counters the Blissbeasts well, but his base powers and the rest of his offensive cards are trash. Right up there with the Healing Guild Maester, if you take that helix which removes his ability to heal. Besides, are you seriously gonna take Hytoolee over Flame Dancer Archytka? Just for countering all of twelve cards?

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I KNOW his offensive cards are trash. His playstyle is SKILL and SUBTERFUGE. Ya gotta pair him up with a Thrall slave or an Aelfrin Mongrel to handle the physical confrontations. He’s all about strategy support cards!

Flame Dancer Archytka’s good, but she’s got a real simple playstyle. I just got bored with it. Cast Firebolt, and keep her flame energies flowin’. Total noob character.

I will agree that the Healing Guild Maester sucks, but he’s gen 2. What do ya expect? All the gen 2’s look weak when compared with the modern era heroes from “Aztanti Blood Quest” on. Hell, they had to BAN some characters from “Aztanti Blood Quest” for bein’ too OP.

Archytka’s not SIMPLE! Do you realize how low the accuracy stat is on those fireballs? And for real, who in the hell uses the base tier Thrall Slave these days? Evolved is only a hundred shards extra, but it’s so much better.

They banned some of the ones from the “Might of the Imperium” pack too. I miss Aria some days… had her in foil too.


Great Eagle, what is it with you and these high cost activation cards? Yeah, I’m gonna waste 5 slots in my deck on f**kin’ shard gen. Gullsh*t. I can fill those 5 slots with counters and strategy cards. And the base tier Thrall Slave is NOT WORTHLESS. IT’S DESIGNED FOR CHARACTERS LIKE HYTOOLEE. It ain’t my fault ya don’t know how to use yer Thrall Slaves.

I don’t miss Aria. Every time I’d play my dragon deck she’d hit me with those damn Knockback Bolts. F**king… troll card…

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Look… Guys…? I love Eldrid Magic as much as the next bird… But can you PLEASE try to stay on topic…? This thread is intended for people to ask me questions, and get to know me better…

Awww man… F**k. The discussion was just gettin’ good too.
@nbrownlie237 @Ganjamira
Hold on… I’m gonna make a new topic for this…

EDIT - It’s up.


There was actually a trick to avoidin’ those, but I ain’t tellin’… some day we gotta have a round where we play with all the old cards.



Now… Does anyone have any questions for ME?

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I got a question.
Where’s the damn osmotic pressure sealant?
I left it in the supply closet and it’s f**kin’ gone, and someone said ya had it?


Is THAT what that was? I thought it was caulk, and used it all to touch up Berg’s waterproofing seals… Sorry, Benny…

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Which of Penguins of Madagascar is your favorite? And why Kowalski?
Is it about him being a superior egineer, about him constructing better scrap mech, about him having a girlfriend or that he’s taller (and thinner)?


sits down at green felt poker table. Slowly & seductively pulls out deck of cards concealed by a red velvet handkerchief

with a magicians flourish, removes both the handkerchief and all of the deck except for one card, which is encased in a wearproof plastic sleeve

Alright, folks, what we have up for auction here is an uber rare “African-American Lotus”.

Both the name AND the inherent racism make this special card truly one of a kind!

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What’s “Madagascar”…?

NOVA: My files say it was a tropical island off the cost of Africa, on planet Earth.

Tropical? But aren’t penguins supposed to be the unintelligent Earth-equivilent of Finisci? (Annoyed) Seeing as everyone keeps CALLING me one…

Nova: Correct.

Then why are they on a tropical island? I mean… FINISCI live in artic climates, so i assume that penguins do too… A-And if they’re supposed to lack intelligence, WHY is one an engineer?! AHHHH, I’M SO CONFUSED!!


What’s your favorite “C” and “A” words?

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©arotid (A)rtery…

Oh! S-Sorry… I was thinking about my favorite thing to sever when people call me “©ute” or "(A)dorable… :confused:

Now, that’s interesting coincidence, isn’t it? May be that you and pengies are like related? As a matter of fact you seem to deevolve into one as you keep gettin’ confused over petty things, also keep gettin’ angry and prone to killing stuff. Oh, and you wear no clothes. Pure primal instincts IYAM.
I’ll come back and ask you later: how does raw flesh tastes like?
You …animal, ugh.


I… I-I couldn’t say…

Uh… N-Next question, please!


Burn the flesh?


S-Salt the wound?

Makes secret hand-sign to @BaconianOne with flippers.


As I’ve said, I’ll ask you later. But before your transformation into a brute:

Tell me, what’s the story behind your rejection from the cast for Killer Instinct?
Too much killer, or too much instinct?
Tried casting for Mortal Kombat maybe? Cuz ye’know

they would surely buy that.