The Aspis Master Thread

I want to collect all the mechanics of the Aspis here, what it can do, how skills effect it, what it absorbs, etc…
what the Aspis looks like with max damage and 3/4 elements absorbed

Aspis damage type and base stats

The Aspis is an explosive grenade

Base damage at level 50: 940
Maximum damage it can absorb at level 50: 26,999

Damage formula

Final Damage = ((Base Damage + (Absorbed Damage x 2)) x (1 + Invictus) x (1 + Clear!) x (1 + Grenade buffs from Bar + Oz kit + luneshine) x (1 + Omega Senshu)) x (1 + Maelstrom)

So if you have a com that gives you +6 to OS and you are wearing a Bomber com, grenade buff shine, and 10% bar, and you fall into fight for your life here is the max damage it can do without Zues’ Rage or Prismatic Aegis.

Final Damage = ((940 + 53,999) x (1.35) x (1.4) x (1.65) x (1.7)) x (4.996)
Final Damage = 1,455,116

Prismatic Aegis

Before you get this skill all damage absorbed by the Aspis is combined into one damage cap that is explosive damage. When you get this skill the damage absorbed is now divided into 5 different caps. Non elemental and explosive damage into one, fire, shock, corrosive, and cryo are the others. So when you throw the Aspis every time it hits, it hits for how ever many different elements you absorbed, up to 5 different hits. The overall damage cap is not divided between these but they all can separately hit the cap. So this increases your potential damage by x5.

What can it absorb?

All types of enemy damage

  • guns
  • melee
  • stomps
  • grenades
  • Novas

Environmental Damage it can absorb

  • Barrels
  • Cryo plants
  • Self inflicted damage it can absorb
  • Grenades
  • Rocket launcher
  • Tesla reloads
  • Unique runs with self inflicting splash damage like the Too Scoops, Logans Gun, or KerBoom
  • Torgue Barreled AR’s

Wrath of the Goddess synergy with skills

Clear! has a few interesting things it will do with it.

  • It can res multiple teammates if they are close with the splash
  • It can res an teammates and hurt/kill an enemy with the splash radius in a single reflection
  • It can res multiple down allies with reflections
  • If you throw it at an enemy and a teammate is down it will target the teammate and seek them out
  • If you go into ffyl while holding it and so do all 3 of your teammates it could potentially revive all 3 of them, kill an enemy and get you a second wind.
  • Zeus’ Rage will also proc on each reflection
  • Absorbed elements from Prismatic Aegis has a high chance to dot each enemy hit

Anyone have a shot of Athena holding her Aspis with all elements absorbed? I’ve only gotten like two at once, but it would be a hoot to see an Aspis fully charged, blades flying and full elemental rings.

edit: just got three! (fire, corrosive, and shock):


Thats really nice, I added it to the OP.

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You forgot the most important use for the aspis, protecting yourself from grenades while gambling.

Also fun fact, the aspis can absorb the eye of helios. I was able to walk into the tube while it was firing (despite jack’s excellent advice) and take no damage while my shield gained shock elemental damage.

God I love athena


Has anyone tried the four seasons grenade?
I myself have tried the Minac’s Atonement, while you can damage yourself with it, Aspis didn’t absorb it :frowning: But feel free to try, Minac’s does some weird things, like pass through test dummies and whatnot…

Just for the picture’s sake, an Aspis with spinning blades and all 4 elements. Done in solo mode with 3 different grenades and a rocket launcher, still don’t know how to manage it in actual combat (besides barrels maybe)

Tested the the four seasons, sadly doesn’t work, even when standing very close.
Also tested the laser disker, which works by shooting at your feet.
Also, in the OP it says “tesla reloads”, does this mean shock damage from thrown lasers or tediore reloads in general? (Tried tediore guns too, the explosion actually seemed to go through the aspis and killed me - tried standing on the gun, just behind the gun, etc)