The bad idea of Helix in pvp

To start sorry, my English is not fantastic but I venture still give my opinion on the game.

So I think Helix during a PvP match is a very bad choice.
Let me explain.

I’ll smash an already open door but heroes starved balancing. Many game faced this problem and I know it’s a long process.

But the problem is huge.

Players not playing overpowered characters must face this basic imbalance that increases very quickly by the inability to build their Helix.

Result many games will end with crushing victories where one team has not had the ability to build their Teamplay without their full capacities.

If you want to reduce the imbalance you have to allow their players selected Helix before the start of the match.

I hope you understand my message and that you will consider.

Good day to you.

That’s one of the points of the helix, and the main MOBA element Battleborn holds. A decent way to carry is by playing a strong brawling champion (cough Galilea) and flash-farm minions and kills, so that you become stronger through helix choices. Right now, the matchmaking allows good players to abuse this, but skill levels will soon level out.

Eh, I think it won’t change.

Since there is no ranked system we are more likely to just play the character we want to, even if they don’t even break average until level 6… which works fine in a casual world but you’ll run into premades who all use characters that rip from level 1.

They know what they are doing and will abuse it. I don’t think it has anything to do with skill, it’s just better planing vs teams that are playing as they will.

I don’t see either as an issue. There is the option to find teammates who will join the planning side.

Some characters are too powerful at level 10. Boldur, isic, thorn are planet destroyers at level 10.

Think of leveling helix like kill streak rewards… you don’t want the enemy to have attack helicopters in the first minutes of the fight.

Some characters also start good but end below adverage. There’s too many changes required to divert this. The game is better as it’s own flavor.