The Ballista of Bacteria: Beatrix

Here to wound you, your family, your friends, and everyone you’ve ever loved (all of it, just all of it!), it’s the lovely

You can see her stats here:

And her wonderful abilities here:

As well as her legendary here:

She is the 5th DLC character and the 6th Jennerit Battleborn. She operates as an advanced controller and sniper and is also a support

So, what do you guys think of ? Is she fun? Strong? Weak? What new thing does she bring to the game? What team comps work best? What builds do you prefer? Gear? Please discuss. (Wound?)


Purple Fulminans

Choleric Chirurgeon

Pallor Mortis


Intravenous Venality

Nocturnal Necrosis

X-ray Spectacle

Lab Drab

Dressed in Hephaestin


White Pawn



To unlock

Rewarded from lootpack

  • Medical Etiquette
  • Positive Reinforcement


Splice and Dice

Reach Character Rank 2 with Beatrix

Toxin Jockey

Win 10 games with Beatrix

Master of Beatrix

Complete a match with Beatrix at Character Rank 15 with all lore challenges completed

Reach Character Rank 17 with Beatrix[/details]

Neddle Deedle Dee

Reach Character Rank 20 with Beatrix


Lore picture:

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Wait a second, at :57 on that vid. Does she skip while walking or sprinting? First video I’ve actually watched with her and that is awesome! Please tell me it’s true.


Patch can’t get installed soon enough.

does beatrix remind anyone one else of the little girls in bioshock?


my girlfriend and I were saying the same thing. Sh’s got a lotta adam in that there needle

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lol yeah

Little Sister combined with a bit of Ichi The Killer, if you ask me.
But due to her concept art I refer to her as ‘creepy lolita Noodle’ since she looks alot like her in the concept.

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she looks brutally powerful, i think shes gonna have to be dialed down a bit at some point. that is my opinion
edit:sorry :frowning:


Certainly possible

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Does that last taunt actually closes the defeated player’s window like that or is it just part of editing the video? If it is the former, that would be my favorite taunt of all time!

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I’m really hoping!

I’m going to have to steal that name, lol.


Ballista of Bacteria, lol.

Doesn’t her character pride herself on hygiene?
Hate to be that guy
Virus ≠ Bacteria

I said this the moment I saw the reveal (not concept).

@epicender584 I get out of work in like 10 minutes, I suspect you have the season pass and can get the basic and premium SS’s yourself, but if you need the help for whatever reason I can do it pretty easily.

Ah yes, thanks lol

I’m so glad this was the reaction and not someone informing me that bacteria is quite different from a virus and that that is in which Beatrix operates

There it is haha. I didn’t have time to think of a snappier alliteration with B’s so that was the best I could do. If you happen to have a better one I’d be willing to switch it out

I can but don’t know how to upload :upside_down: so the help would be greatly appreciated

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Sorry bud
My help is somewhat sketchy

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@epicender584 well that was easy enough, there only seems to be 2.
Beatrix Master Skin
Beatrix Premium Skin 1 (and only)