The Ballista of Bacteria: Beatrix

Yay thanks. I really liked the premium and saw it on some video online. Now I know where you get it.

currently opening my 80 jennerit loot/commander packs

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can you only get these through the packs? they literally don’t even show up on my screen. usually you have the starter basics at least.

for each character there are three skins only obtainable through packs. they only show up if you have them.

Aaaand the white one


fun fact. the lore “Nichts ist ohne Gift” is german and means “nothing is without poison” :slight_smile:

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the loot pack taunts are “Medical Etiquette” and “Positive Reinforcement”

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If it isn’t shown yet:
First Toby Ops skin:

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I want this skin badly.

She is soooo much fun.

Perhaps it’s just me, but is anyone else noticing that Patient Zero doesn’t always apply the attack speed bonus? I notice it seems to happen a lot after getting the helix that decreases PZ’s cooldown. Sometimes I swear it reverts back to its original cooldown as well.

Yep. Seems to happen a lot

Okay, so I’m not crazy. If it’s not a system specific issue, I’ll see if I can catch it on PC and upload a video.

Edit: base cool down is 6 seconds yes? Because as it is right now, I’m playing the Thrall Rebellion and it doesn’t seem to be applying the cooldown bonus at all.

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All cooldowns are cut by 50% in any story mission now. Base cooldown of Patient Zero is 16 seconds.


Explains why I could basically spam Infection at higher levels during the Renegade.

Ah, okay. I missed that detail. Thank you.

I’ll hazard a guess that the reduced cooldown stacking is jacking up the skill and causing it to act sporadically. I wouldn’t be surprised if other skills broke as well, but I haven’t tested them yet. Has someone who’s done PvP with Beatrix noticed the skill being finicky on whether it works or not?

Edit: okay, so after some thinking it does rightfully give the cooldown bonus (half of 16 is 8 and 33 percent of 8 would round down to 2 seconds) BUT it seems to have an issue where it will randomly cut the 6 second CD into 3 seconds, which is where I got confused. The cut is not from cooldown pick ups either, I sat in the second area of the Rebellion long after the fight was done spamming it and it would randomly go to 3.

The 3 second cut seems to be directly related to the skill not activating properly.

I wish I could do more testing and proper recording but I’ve got a cold now and Battleborn is really pushing my headache, just in time for the update. So I can’t get some proper evidence at the moment.

So her legendary is amazing.

Hey, I wonder, how do you aquire the Hemochromatosis skin? Or is it jsut one of those you get by character rank? Looks pretty amazing.

That’d be her first Attikus Skin

Dragging myself through that Ops it is! Thanks.

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