The Ballista of Bacteria: Beatrix

Anyone have tips on what type of gear set up to use on her?

PVE I’d reccomend some sort of movement speed, health regen, and skill damage. Pretty flexible
PVP I’d reccomend attack speed, cooldown, and skill damage. Bonus points for a Bola’s

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Thanks I mostly run PvE.

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I figured but you never know

“Plaguebringer” for reaching level 17



Also, would you mind describing the mutations?

helix mutations:


Wow, a diagram and all. Thanks

So. She has a Reyna type explosion thing. A cleanse!?! Really? My first rule of balance: never let a character be the only or one of the only counters to themselves. Breeds necessity real quick (Ana). Double dose seems strong to say the least. Death pool is just Thorns mutation

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double dose is a must take or else you have 0 waveclear. death pool seems like it will be a must take, because the aiming on outbreak is garbage. I’ve fired it directly at a minion in the middle of a swarm of minions and it missed -_-. it’s also not aoe, it must be a direct hit or it’s wasted, so don’t even think avbout trying to do a long range outbreak unless there is a fustercluck of enemies around that spot, and even then.

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@Ganjamira, what was the title before? I don’t mind the change, I just completely forget :p.

Im not Mira but, as far as i know, she didn’t change any title. Just the category this thread was in. Which you seem to have moved back?
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Yep, she skips.

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One piece of Beatrix’s dialog may be a possible reference to Gaige. Feels like it anyway. Can’t recall atm what it was, but she says almost the same thing, down to the tone.

I dunno how hard I’m gonna nerd out if this is true.


while I do agree with you, I KNOW there are some PvPers who wet themselves just thinking about the possibility of stunning and entire group for 3 seconds

I wish the mutation would let the host leave a puddle for the remainder of the duration if it ends before the 8 seconds is up

the right one is kinda trash in my opnion

beatrix lore picture if someone is interested :slight_smile: put it in a summary in case someone wants to see it by unlocking the lore him/herself

Beatrix Lore Background

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So, I’m still on the lets change wound train.

However, I am interested in a different change to Beatrix.

She has five fingers.

Jennerit have 4. 3 fingers and a thumb. Even The Kemessian’s battle harness has 4.

What monster gave her 5 digits?


Oh wow. That’s… if she’s abnormally smart and sick, she very well could be non Jennerit. Side note: how many does her robot hand have?

The only visible hand has 5. You mean the one in the injector rig?

Cuz…I dunno.