The Bandit Show! - A weekly Borderlands machinima series

A friend and I always wondered what Bandits do in their off time. So we made a show about it.

It’s called the Bandit Show.

There’s three episodes online so far, with more coming to you weekly. We’re making this for the community, so we’re always looking for feedback and suggestions! Leave a comment, here or on the videos so we can make this the machinima series Borderlands deserves.

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I like this series but seems to lack a clear direction and although funny it seems to ramble.

Are you forced to this one set or environment? How about tips & tricks as to how to avoid being killed by Vault Hunters but the plans seems to backfire?

Or outlining creatures and dangers of Pandora and again - funny confrontations.

EDIT: Or it could be a Survival Tip & Tricks Show or vary episodes.

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We’re actually planning to do just that MaxxAmmo! We eventually want to turn the show into a weekly story driven series, or maybe just have short movie style mini series. But for now we’re making it a weekly “talk show” the way Bandits would do one.

Here’s the next episode which went online today.

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Great work - love the show!!

For anyone watching this thread, here’s episode 5, where we go bit crazier than normal.

Great series! :slight_smile: