The bank just isn't big enough tbh

Fair enough man, I just don’t get why having more space than what YOU personally need would affect you negatively when others do want the space :confused: I seriously, seriously doubt that it would cause any problems with performance in this day and age of gaming to store these guns when other games have been storing infinite items online for over a decade now. More space wouldn’t affect you at all, yet it could make all the difference for hoarders/collectors/completionists etc etc.

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Im just giving my opinion like everypne else is. I’m not saying dont add it or do add it. Im just saying I dont think its necessary. And like i said thats my opinion. Everyone has opinions.

I just saw a list of all discovered legendaries so far. The total is already over the max storage and the list is missing 5 or 6 I already have. With the storage space as is, it’s impossible to have 1 copy of every legendary, which at the very least, there should be enough storage for one of each of those. There are other cool weapons of other rarities too, so hopefully they implement extra space at some point. We still have dlc gear coming and even tge Halloween event is adding some.

1 Like best list so far. It’s enormous, probably 200-ish at single variants. Not even counting the affixes they can come with, the damage variations and elementals etc etc 50 is like a slap in the face for storage if you ask me.


Yeaj, storage is my biggest (and really only) concern about the game. I’m loving everything about it except the storage. Hopefully, they can figure something out for us.


What id recommend to people is to just make a couple characters and get em to sanctuary. I honestly hate having to make mules but it is do able. And itll make you feel better about the whole “dissapearing bank” deal. I focused today on getting a siren to sanctuary, and now im working on a moze.

Probably the smartest thing to do right now until they have patched the disappearing stored loot thing. Keep things crossed that "mules don’t start to disappear! :grimacing:


Having played a bit more (and with the drop rate being toned down), I started keeping a copy of stuff in case a future build uses it.

I started to do that (and then lost a day of progress due to not disabling cloud saves -.-) but then I realized that on PC I can just copy and rename my save. Instant 40 capacity mule at Sanctuary, repeatable as much as needed.

It would be nice if the bank had a vastly increased capacity and gave the ability to group things ourselves. As is, mass muling seems the best way to categorize item storage for ease of locating later. It’s very bothersome if you don’t like copying a save and instead manually get each mule to Sanctuary. Otherwise, the shared bank makes it far easier to transfer than in BL2.

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Hey, can you list the path?

I started to do that (and then lost a day of progress due to not disabling cloud saves -.-) but then I >realized that on PC I can just copy and rename my save. Instant 40 capacity mule at Sanctuary, >repeatable as much as needed.

Vortok, that’s genius! now i can obsessively save to my obsessive heart’s content!

and gearbox even gave us a Mule head to put on our mules! sweet!


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For me it looks like this:


Hey, can you list the path?

make a backup copy of EVERYTHING in your gamesave folder, just to be safe. that way if anything goes wrong, you can revert to the original files. probably nothing will go wrong, but never hurts to be careful.

copy the file you want to rename onto your desktop, then change the name of that file (on the desktop), and then copy that new file into your gamesave folder. that’s the process i used and had no problems.


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Absolutely need more space. Shared bank is awesome! But way too small. Never created a mule in bl2. Created my first mule last night for BL3. I plan to have multiple characters with different builds. I like replaying the story. So I want to keep all kinds of different level gear as I find it. Plus I want to keep all these great legendaries I’m finding. I might think they stink today. But with a different build or character I might love em. Personally I love all the QOL improvements. Love the legendary world drops. Love the increased drop rates. Let me keep this stuff. I don’t want to play the same gun, same setup every time. I love the variety. Please please increase.

Yeah, put them somewhere else as your backup. Good idea to back up after each play session, but try to remember at least once a week.

Also, the game seems to sort saves (the list you see ingame) based on the FIRST number.

So 2.sav and 200.sav are shown before 3.sav when you load characters.

Gearbox logic, I guess.

You can also do Read-Only, which makes farming quest rewards for anoints a bit less of a hassle than copying your save back in. Mopioid has a clip of the extra steps needed for BL3, as simply checking Read-Only on the save’s properties won’t work.

When we see a patch that buffs a gun by 200% (Creeping Death, recently), it just incentivizes hoarding. So here we are.

Nothing wrong with collecting. Its trophys earned for putting work in. And they may be usefull on another build or toon. 50 shared and 200 for each would work out great.

For sure it is far to small for 4 characters.

were talking 12.5 slots for each character, and one extra slot on the wall for each type of item. but Class mod.

I know many Items will be usable by all characters, and that might help some, but there is no way it is even close to enough to handle the many builds you may wish to try.

I personally believe there is no way around it 50 slots for 4 characters is just not even close to enough.

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My problem is that I like collecting. I am trying to get one of each Legendary and according to the wiki there are 57 but I am pretty sure I have one that is not listed on the wiki. Would it be too hard to give us a legendary storage? Gives us one slot for each legendary? And I mean exactly that. There is one slot for an infinity. Only an infinity can go there. That way we have an in game way to determine if we have collected all the legendaries. It does mean that DLC Legendaries will require an expansion of this storage.

@r3f1cul I think its the first time I agree with you on this forum, part of the problem is that everything is shared to all of your characters. A private 60 slot bank and a shared 40 slot bank would make sense.

Here’s my idea for a solution that might work at least for PC players:

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Infinite stash or Plugy was out for Diablo since early 2000s.Was limited to 4,294,967,296 stash pages.Its 2019.

Mind blown.