The bank needs a selling mode

I was sorting out guns this morning at the bank, had to drop some guns on the floor, chose artifacts to drop, 8 of them, after selling stuff from the bank I went back to pick up the 8, only 3 were there! 5 great artifacts gone including a Snowdrift Victory Rush! Needless to say that I am pissed! Here’s a simple solution for you Gearbox… Let us sell guns directly from the bank! It’s a no brainier. Please make it happen, you’ll make us a lot happier.


Great idea. Had this same issue.

Simpler solution: don’t hoard so hard.

Yeah right, don´t hoard in a lootshooter that boasts gazillion guns and items. I would appreciate this feature, as it would be helpful in general, not just for hoarders.

There should be a simple ‘trash’ option from the bank.


Calling Pepsi for that vending machine install in my room!

I only regret that I have but one upvote to give for this post.