The Battleborn Bible: Weapon DPS and various game mechanics page

Link to actual google page Battleborn Bible


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Second, is there a link to a google spreadsheet or something that’s not quite so hard to look at?

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Also, it should be made more clear that the DPS stat is derived including the reload speed, in addition to attack speed * attack damage.

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I added in an actual link to the page. Yeah I guess I could bold the notes at the bottom or something so people notice them more easily.

That’s amazing. Would there be any way to include number of charges/shots to reload?
Ex: Oscar Mike’s clip has 30 rounds

If I were to try to compile some item data… would you want that and how would you like it? No guarantee, just checking.

Does anyone know how healing power and healing recieved work? Do they effect self healing abilitys? Example: Galilea has an augment last light that gives 7 health regen a second with corruption. Does it get buffed by healing power or healing recieved? If so do health regen items also get boosted? What about chaotic infusion which gives +60 healing per second to all allies. If it does, does the heal I recieve from chaotic infusion get buffed by both healing power and recieved ?

Life steal? I would asume it wouldn’t be buffed by either but you never know.

From some semi related testing on a legendary health regeneration and healing are treated as two separate things. You will notice that the healing on desecrate is worded “healing per second” while Last Light is worded “health regeneration per second”. As far as I’m aware healing power and healing received only work on healing not on health regen. I believe Miko’s biosynthesis counts as healing though despite the ambiguous wording.

I believe between MentalMars and some other people in early access the item system has been pretty thoroughly explored but if you have anything you’ve discovered feel to PM me on here.

Actually how about 2-3 columns with time to do X damage, ie. 5 seconds to do 1000 damage, 12 seconds to do 2000?

I’ll probably need to do some testing, but…

How do crits work?
More precisely, “How do crits interact with items?”

If I have 100 damage, I crit a hero for 150 (right?), and a minion for 300 (I think)
If I equip a +10% damage item (super high!), I do 110 damage… crit for 165? minion for 330?
If I instead equip a +10% crit damage item, is is 100 damage, crit for 165 minion 330 still?
Lastly, if I equip both, do I get:
110 base damage, 182 crits, 363 minion crits?

I’ve been trying to find an answer and this seems to be the place. Beams. It seems attack speed works, but is it the same for ambras burn and mikos heal? And what about reload? I know some games use reload rate to determine beam/energy weapon mechanics. Finally, what is the base sprint movespeed modifier? Does it vary between characters before passives/gear? Do movespeed increases relate to sprint speeds as a multiplied ratio an additive bonus or not at all?

That is a really good question. “Can I get more healing by increasing my attack speed on Miko?”

I’m fairly certain that cooldown speed is unaffected by reload speed… PRETTY sure. (I can check later)

I’m also pretty sure that sprint speed is like crit damage. It’s multiplied based on move speed. Though, I would like some more firm data on that.

I ended up doing my own research using private pvp. Reload does not effect the BASE primary or alternate for ambra. But, the fireball ritual evolved form alternate fire appears to be ‘clip’ based. I think it’s a 1 round ‘mortar’ style cannon fire. I have a 30.17 on a single item. And without in depth testing, compard to the - 20 or .8, the 1.3 seems very fast, almost 2x. So, some answers then. Next, see if it also effects charge rate, or if that is dmg done or number of hits

I’ve started compiling a rudimentary list of item attributes and their effects/faction. Would you be interested in that once it’s done-ish?

I updated stats for the 4/14 patch. I’ll test some of these questions over the weekend.

Bumping because there’s been a lot of detailed discussion coming up in the community lately and while this spreadsheet gets shared around a lot as a response to certain queries, if it were made common knowledge then those queries wouldn’t come up in the first place. :slight_smile:

For what its worth, I also made this thread:

The Battleborn Bible has been updated with XP mechanics and the missing weapons/helix weapon modifiers. Launch day patch changes should be up soon after patch notes are released.