The Battleborn One Year Anniversary Thread (This Might Take A While)

For the one year anniversary of Battleborn, I decided to write up a little piece about what the game means to me. But before I really get in to the amazing experience I’ve had with Battleborn over this past year, I feel I must start off with a confession. And the confession must begin with Borderlands.

I only started playing the Borderlands series in 2015 through Tales from the Borderlands. Telltale had just put the first episode out for free, and with nothing else to do on the Sunday afternoon of October 25 I downloaded it on whim. I wanted to see what Telltale had become, since I hadn’t played a Telltale game since they were still doing the old-school point and click style games like Sam and Max. From the moment Henderson’s body floated past the window and upon hearing Vasquez’s reaction, I was hooked. This was what Borderlands was? Not being a huge shooter fan I hadn’t tried any of the other games, assuming I wouldn’t like them. But this universe, this style of humour…this was something I could get behind! Borderlands mania washed over me. For my birthday in November my mother (who is evidently the person I get my sense of humour from, since she watched me play most of Tales and enjoyed the hell out it) gifted me the Handsome Collection. For Christmas I got all four of the Borderlands Pop Vinyls from various family members. As 2016 rolled on, I purchased a used copy of the Borderlands 1 Game of the Year edition and played through that. All of this happened while I joined in with the community on Telltale’s forums as speculation ran rampant about what the fate of Rhys and Fiona might be. “We won’t know until Borderlands 3,” was the consensus. “And we won’t know anything about Borderlands 3 for a while because Gearbox is focused on their new game, Battleborn.”

So I gave the Battleborn open beta a shot. “I play video games for the stories,” I said to myself, so I played through the Algorithm with the character that most attracted me to the game, Marquis. I hated it. The game was hard, I had no idea what was happening in the storyline, and there were too many bugs, to the point where my very first post on the Gearbox Forums was a post complaining about one of these bugs. Then I took Gearbox’s survey about the beta. When asked whether I would be likely to purchase the game I answered “maybe,” but I was leaning towards no. I certainly wasn’t going to pre-order or be lined up at EB Games on launch day!

Fast forward to late May, and this series of tweets comes across my timeline:

So here is the confession I must make. I bought Battleborn out of pity. It was June and the game was already on sale for $40 on the 2K Store, so as a show of goodwill to the developers who had come up with my new favourite thing in gaming, I bit the bullet and shelled out for my copy. A week or so later my disc came in the mail and again I wasn’t having much fun with it. Then I tried experimenting with the roster and decided to give that weird looking little four-armed character a shot. Suddenly, with Orendi by my side, robots and thrall and Varelsi were being annihilated, ISIC was vanquished, and I was having a grand old time listening to the Chaos Witch laughing and delivering nonsensical one-liners. After I played through the story, I tried out some PvP and found myself enjoying that as well! I began to learn how to play different characters, and in no time I was on these forums reading up on strategy and participating where I could, and before I knew it I was a die-hard defender of Battleborn, looking to contribute to the community in any and every way I could.

And this, dear friends, is the real reason for this post. No other video game that I have ever played has drawn me into a community like this one, and there are a few of you who have been a big part of making Battleborn special to me.

@JoesOs was the first person to invite me into a group of people that played Battleborn together. I had heard his name come up on the @THiRDSHiFTme podcast (those guys also deserve a shoutout) a few times and one day I was randomly matched into a game against him. I sent some sort of message that referenced the podcast and a game or two later I was in with a group that was helping me get lore done and showing me how to play certain characters a lot better than I would have been able to otherwise. Thanks Joe!

I’ve also had the pleasure of playing with @cyanized227 and Tentaprince (whose forum name I can’t seem to find and tag) a number of times. Both of these people are awesome players and have produced some really awesome Battleborn fanart that you all need to check out if you haven’t done so already!

You should also check out @DarrenXirias on Fanfiction dot net. There aren’t many Battleborn fanfics out there, but what is there is very very good! Darren’s story “Aftermath” is awesome, even if he suspiciously kept updating it jusssst after I updated my stories, thus keeping Aftermath at the top of the archive. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Speaking of writing, we come to @EdenSophia. I’m sure many of you remember her awesome “Topic as Discussed by the Battleborn Themselves” posts that quelled many a brewing storm of community anxieties over a number of months. Without the Battleborn community, I probably would not have been very likely to check out a lesbian fantasy fiction novel, but one of Eden’s books sits proudly on my shelf beside a novelization of the 1973 Warner Brothers action film “Cleopatra Jones.” Or it would, but I think my girlfriend borrowed the book a few months ago and hasn’t given it back yet. Anyway, I encourage you all to DM her and ask where you may purchase one of her fine stories. It goes without saying that Eden is one of the coolest and most valued members of our community! Keep being awesome!

Hey @HandsomeCam, remember when Eden beat both of us in the Handsome Off? I can forgive you if you don’t, because you’ve contributed so many awesome moments to this forum that it must be hard to keep track of them all. Whether you’re just being you or going into a roleplay with @Benedict_87 that goes waaaayyyy too deep for me to keep track of, you should know that you’re one of the best badasses I’ve come across over the last year.


OK OK, this post is obscenely long, but I need to shout out a few more people. Fan artists like @beya, @Ganjamira, and @KitRyu brighten my day on Twitter and keep me coming back to the Fan Creations section. @NatsumeRyu and her Caldarius cosplay were the best part of the Choctaw tournament (which I watched almost all of because I was home with a cold that day). @Solus_Scientist is one of Battleborn’s biggest defenders and a blast to follow on Twitter. @FlamesforAll is an unending light of positivity on these boards. @MentalMars and @lowlines, your websites have been amazing resources (and one of Mars’s Phoebe wallpapers is still on my desktop background).


Thanks to @dante_d_silva for being such a cool guy and providing us with more and more of that sweet sweet lore. Thanks to @JoeKGBX and @MereAtGBX for the Battleplans and keeping us updated all year long. Thanks to @ElisaRockDoc for her awesome work on the Twitch streams. Thanks to Jim Foronda for being the coolest voice actor ever. Thanks to all the developers. Finally, a BIG thanks to @jythri for making all of this come together.




Thanks to all hardworking Devs, amazing Artists and badass Community-members for a wonderfull year, be it ingame on Solus or on-Forum with you all - It has been a crazy ride! :heart:


First of all, cheers on the awesome Official First Battleborn 1st Birthday & Anniversary Thread (the OFBFBAAT) @Genericktag !

Second, thank you so much for the shoutout, my friend!

Third, I am hoping to make a long, winding, and wistful (I may cry) post on this subject, but can make no promises as my school is just starting up again.

Fourth, let me wish Battleborn, a truly badass game, and its equally badass community, a truly badass birthday!






Happy Birthday Battleborn! :birthday:


Still, probably the saddest birthday ever :disappointed:



Quadruple ceremony - birthday, anniversary, funeral, wake.



Actually, I do want to give a big shoutout to all my regular Battleborn friends (the ones on these forums, anyway) for being such kind, wonderful, awesome, funny, helpful people and for helping m have a truly spectacular time playing this amazing game and getting to know you all!

Love you guys, thanks for keeping me laughing, smiling, and sane (relatively)!

@deande @codarik @ancientbelgareth @hobbitwarrior @phoenix-2613 @beatrix @SirWalrusCrow @viraforti @darth_huggles


The shoutouts continue as you can only do 10 per post!

Truly sorry if I forgot anyone!

@epicender584 @arjay @ashbweh @loving-hatred @handsomecam @akumakuro4004 @Exousia @slif_one @aforesttroll @Master_Oddjob


Definitely been a trip. The game has had its ups and its downs. I almost bought the game on pure faith that I would enjoy a Gearbox title. I was hesitant at first because I don’t play many pvp oriented games but some friends pressured me into getting it a few weeks after launch. Never regretted it one bit.

I actually decided to celebrate the one year anniversary by getting the game for xbox one. Kinda nice going into a game and not recognizing anyone. It’s a nice change of pace. It’s also pretty fun being underestimated. I’m pretty sure a lot of people are thinking “oh look a level 5 Rath, poor thing’s gonna die in a heartbeat.” when they see me. :smiling_imp:


You’ve already made it to level 5 and haven’t sent me a friend request? For shame!


You mean when she cheated by using her personality? Yeah, i remember…

Come on, i’m not THAT great…


In all seriousness, thank you for your kind words. This community IS somethimg special, and there aren’t words to describe the joy i’ve experienced at both laughing and causing others here to laugh as well. I originally was kind of an assh*le when i first joined the forums almost a year ago, then started cracking jokes to lighten the “Battleborn won’t last a year” doomsayers (Who can SUCK it!). Then came @Benedict_87 doing his Benny impersonations, and i thought i’d give it a whirl…

One year and nearly 5000 posts later, i now have deeply seeded personality traits that have carried over from portraying Toby so much, and i LEGITIMATELY get upset at being called cute in real life now; AND YOU ASSH*LES KEEP SAYING IT!!

Oh, GOSH…! SORRY about that!




Toby, you cold, callous, unfeeling MONSTER!!!



@FlamesForAll, @Deande, @akumakuro4004 and EVERYONE ELSE, if you EVER call me “cute” or “adorable” behind my back on PSN again, then me and Berg will DISEMBOWEL YOU AND HANG YOU WITH YOUR OWN INTESTINES!!


So, we just gonna scream at each other out of love? AWESOME!

@cyanized227 your fanart is awesome! And @Beya I secretly worship you & your abilities :heart:
And @FlamesForAll : stop shouting at people! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also I´d like to thank @MentalMars for collecting so much info even before release. His webside made waiting for Battleborn a bit easier & far more exciting!

Personally Battleborn got me to join the first games-forums ever, right here.
The reveal-trailer got me here. Although I´m a fan of the Borderlands-games from the start, I never got involved into the community before, aside from fanarts.

Now I live here, the rent is okay, and the roommates are awesome.


It’s the Battleborn way, dammit!


@ganjamira @Genericktag

Some helpful soul needs to make an audio montage of all the Battleborn dialogue bits, combat call outs, or taunt audios that are just characters SCREAMING!

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