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It’s main purpose is to give the devs a definite proving of what we want from them.

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Go ahead and scream in the comments. It amuses me.


Not a bad survey. Should have had a “make private versus count for lore” option though.


This would strip away any challenge don’t you think? I’ve mastered 7 BB before they “nerfed” the lore challenges and know how frustrating some of them where, but it made even more proud when i got them finished.
If you make em count in private games, i bet the amount of mastered heroes will me more than doubled und you’d meet masters most of the time, wouldn’t be that “special” anymore

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Is not about be “special” but it lose the main idea of make ppl play the other half of the game.

Lore is more a PvP thing
Gear is more a pve thing

Bot or private match is like a bad pve… Bots just stand there trying to get a shard…

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Thats why the quotation marks, maybe special is the wrong term, but, speaking for ps4, if you look into the trophies you’ll mention that, for example, toby’s lore is completed by 0,2% of the players, el dragon aswell 0,2%, 0,3% goes for benedict, on the other hand, oscar mike is completed by 3,6%, followed by orendi with 2,6%, so meeting an master of toby is rare, meeting an master of OM isn’t, thats what i wanted to say, these values would be multiplicated if everyone’d do them in private matches

I still dont see your point, i have all the trophys of battleborn :s i dont mind more ppl geting them.

Actually i didnt knew i had all the trophys untill some friends told me. So i dont see how its a bad thing for ppl to get their lore legendary other than missing the PvP, but if they rly hate it, well its their problem to miss 50% of what they paied for.

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Done and done!

You do have a point, I mean I have solo’d advanced heliophage on hc with Miko, but I just can’t handle the challenge of getting 50 assists. And don’t forget the challenge of waiting for 2 hours to get into a capture map with Kleese.


Not all challenges are fun, especially kleese’s lore is a pain in the ass, but it wouldn’t make anything better to unlock em in private mode, this would turn the whole “unlock lore and get the heros legendary” into a joke, achievable by everyone in an hour or so… if they unlock lore, at leas they should grant the hero’s legy’s by hitting CR 15, instead of completing the lore

I would definitely make things better to unlock them in private mode, especially for map specific lore like Kleese and Attikus. But I suppose you would rather people like me that have little interest in PvP just join a game, and flop around and feed the other team, or even more likely just stop playing altogether in frustration?


Jepp… thats exactly what i meant…

The game is rewarding…If you play PvE

I’m a fan but in what way does PvP seem rewarding?


Not enough. That’s why I don’t play it, unlike the PvP in WoW.

I refuse to touch a mode in the game where it has a high chance of bringing frustration. Our lives are already full of problems that we must deal with, I don’t need that sort of pressure when I play a video game.

Lore challenges should be able to be done in private matches or re-worked that it’s possible to do it in PvE. I’m investing my time in this game, the game shouldn’t be restricting my progress, and players on both sides of the isle should be able to get what they want by playing the way they desire.

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It is because of those fights that are neck and neck, saving your teamates destroying the enemies and making order through the chaos of the match (and winning)

Lol to the one guy that said pendles was op

We’re at the point where 12% of the entire current BB playerbase has taken this survey. Let’s try to get up to 15% before we do anything, and then maybe we can get GBX to do something, like advertise on Youtube like how over 50% of all people said was the best decision. Tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell everyone! Tell the random guy you met in a match to take the survey! Or don’t, I won’t consume you alive for it or anything like that. But if you can tell more people about it I ask you to do so. Only if it makes sense of course. And remember: if anyone asks, it was your decision, not mine to scream at everyone to take the survey.

Most of that was just me joking around.
TL;DR: Tell other people because I don’t want to campaign to the devs with only 12% of the BB population.

Why did you type this? I’m sure that alone will make some players not even consider on clicking your survey link

People for some reason think that sceraming IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS AND IN BOLD will make me a value their opinion more. It annoys me sometimes, and commonly people do a lot more on other forums. Guess the people here are less of attention scrublets.