The beast"master" vs an actual "master"

So, in a discussion about Fl4k, and what it meant to be a “beastmaster”, it hit me. We have had a “master” character in a borderlands game before: Aurelia Hammerlock, the baroness.
Her “contractual aristocracy” skill tree was all about making herself the “master” and dominating someone else by meleeing them, before gaining buffs from that interaction. Sure, she had a “servant”, not a “pet”, and it really was another co-op player, not just an AI creature that acts like one, but I think there’s a lot of overlap.
So, I went back to look at her skill tree and consider how it would have worked if Fl4k had copied her (like a bunch of BL3 stuff was copied from BL2 and TPS, some done better and some done worse).

You can find her skill tree here, if you want to check it out:

I’ve written up a new skill tree, for Fl4k, based on this, (all skills keep the same name, so you can compare them) and I’m interested in how many people would want to play this skill tree. Since we already have red, green and blue, with purple to come, this can be a silver tree. If it helps, assume that the Dominance capstone was changed to a pet buff instead, to avoid any crossover with this tree.

Tier 1:
Killing an enemy grants a stack of Duchess. All stacks are lost on your death or the death of a pet. +0.8% accuracy per stack (per point), up to 50 stacks.
(max 2 points)
Contractual Obligations
Melee attacking an enemy will dominate them and turn them into an additional pet. You do +15% damage and all pets take 10% less damage, while an enemy is dominated. Domination ends if you die (death, not FFYL) and the dominated enemy takes 20% health damage if this happens. If the dominated enemy takes sufficient damage, while dominated, they die, too.
You can only dominate one enemy at a time, and bosses are immune, as are some other enemies (powerful badass ones).
(max 1 point)
Whenever a pet kills an enemy, you gain a stack of Valet. You and your pets gain increased reload speed (or attack speed if not using a gun) for each stack, +0.4% per stack for you (per point), +0.3% per stack for your pet (per point), up to 100 stacks.
(max 2 points)

Tier 2
Protect Your Assets
Increases shield capacity and max health for you and all pets. If a pet does not have a shield, they receive extra health, instead. You gain +4% shield and +3% health (per point) and all pets gain +3% shield and +1% health (per point).
(max 5 points)
You First
Killing an enemy restores 55% of all pet’s shields. If the pet does not have a shield, they gain 40% of their health, instead.
(max 1 point)
Quality not quantity
Increases gun damage and fire rate when using guns of blue rarity or higher, with +5% damage and +3% fire rate (per point). Decreases gun damage and fire rate when using guns of green rarity or lower, with -1% damage and -1% fire rate (per point).
(max 5 points)

Tier 3
Excellent shot, madam
Enemies damaged by your pets become Set Up. If you damage an enemy who is Set Up, you deal +10% additional cryo damage, and consume Set Up. The cryo damage can only be triggered once every 3 seconds.
(max 1 point)

Tier 4
Next to Cleanliness
Increases your gun damage and reload speed by +4% (per point) with all guns that are not incendiary or corrosive and do not deal splash damage.
(max 5 points)
All Glory to the Master
Killing an enemy who was first damaged by a pet converts one stack of Valet into one stack of Glory. You and your pets gain increased critical hit damage, with you gaining +0.4% per stack and your pet gaining +0.2% per stack, up to 250 stacks. All stacks are lost if you or a pet dies.
(max 1 point)
Keep Your Chin Up
While you have an enemy dominated, killing an enemy restores 1.9% of all pet’s health (per point), and when your pet kills an enemy your health is restored by 1.9% (per point).
(max 5 points)

Tier 5
Improves shield recharge delay and fire rate with all guns. The lower your health, the greater the effect, up to 7% for each (per point).
(max 5 points)
Save the Queen
When an enemy melee attacks you, they gain a stack of Save the Queen. If your pet damages that enemy, all stacks of Save the Queen are consumed and the pet deals +4% (per point) additional cryo damage to that enemy for each stack consumed. Your pet can only trigger this effect once every 3 seconds.
(max 5 points)

Tier 6 - Capstone
A backhand to Remember
Melee Override. When you would perform a melee attack, you perform A Backhand to Remember, knocking the enemy back and dealing +25% additional cryo damage. Backhanding enemies grants you, your allies and all pets +20% movement speed and +20% reload speed (or attack speed for pets that don’t use guns) for 10 seconds. This skill has a 5 second cooldown and backhands from multiple players have diminishing returns with their bonuses.

So, what do you think?

  • I’d fully use this skill tree (spend at least 20 points in it)
  • I’d partly use it (spend less than 20 points)
  • I wouldn’t use it (No points at all)

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And if you’d use it, what would you combine it with?

  • Green/silver trees
  • Blue/silver trees
  • Red/silver trees
  • Purple/silver trees
  • Mixed plus silver trees

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Thanks for reading. =]


I forgot she had a pimp hand lol. I would throw blue tree out for this in a heartbeat.