The Bee in UVHM?

Long debated topic…the Bee.

But…what I found in UVHM is that there are times with my Axton that the Bee was just about essential if you wanted to move along in the Peak at any decent speed. Raiding too.

It can be done sans Bee…but takes waaaay more time. And sometimes skill had nothing to do with it…you just needed more PATIENCE since some enemies become complete bullet sponges at OP8.

My question to you experienced Zer0 players is this:

Is the use of the Bee by a Zer0 in UVHM considered “Cheap” “Cheesey” “Lazy” etc.?? Too big of a crutch?

Will I be held in contempt LOL…if I wind up using it from time to time on my Zer0 in UVHM?

I understand totally that there will be different opinions about this but my personal belief is that the Bee works just as designers intended it too BEST in UVHM.

It adds to the firepower immensely, but makes you a glass cannon to the extreme, ESPECIALLY in UVHM. A HUGE tradeoff.


Use it if you want to but be aware that aside from Grim there are no shield skill in Zer0’s trees. Once you get grazed by something it’s gone. Zer0 has pretty good damage output on optimal gear though so I’d suggest not running it. Not that I never would mind you but it is not suitable for a lot of areas.

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Only time I would consider it would be a quick switch when I was in a long range position with good cover and concealment…and use it for sniping as many targets as possible before quick switching back to a normal shield and advancing.

I think I’d save a LOT of sniper ammo as well.

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No, why would you? Running through UVHM with the Bee also takes some skill. Since it’s so squishy, and since you lose all that extra firepower once you’re grazed, a player needs to be extra careful, and extra smart when using the Bee. The Bee is a legitimate shield in the game. There are plenty of Zero players who stack up on CA in all sorts of ways, and there are plenty of Salvador palyers who use various exploits and glitches. I don’t see those players being held in contempt. So why should we hold you in contempt?

All you need to do is… Dance like a butterfly, and sting like a Bee! :acmbadass:


The Bee’s power is offset by the fact that you effectively have a glass jaw while using it. If a bullymong so much as farts in your general direction you lose what damage boost you had and are stuck with an empty shield.

If anything it is impressive being able to use the Bee effectively without getting buried, especially on Zer0 who does not have much in the lines of shield regenerating shields and is not as durable as his fellow Vault Hunters.


Level 50 Bee…and the combo of a level 49 Slag Lyuda and a Level 50 Fire Lyuda with a Stockpile Relic…

Even at Level 54 in UVHM so I’m using undeleveld weps and equipment

If (and that is the operative word…if) I can get decently safe standoff…

Just absolutely WRECKS virtually anything encountered.

And saves a pot full of sniper ammo.

If I can somehow lob kunai in and get DM…it ain’t even fair…LOL

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I use it with one of my Zeros. I dont think there is anything wrong with it. Don’t feel guilty for using it.
Yea it can put out a ■■■■ ton of damage, but it only works when charged which is ■■■■■■■ tough to keep up.
Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Using a Bee with Zero requires a different skill. The skill of avoiding damage.
It’s pretty useless once you take a hit and that offsets it’s power.


IMO, using it all the time is, but for certain fights like Saturn or to smash a Super BA Constructor real quick, no. That’s just me though.

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Instead of fixing the broken mess that is the bee, the Devs designed the higher level/difficulty bosses around the fact they’d assume you would use one. I tend to use it against these health tanks just because it’s so much faster. I don’t find it fun for mission running, but that’s just my opinion.

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Yes. There are much better options. Zer0 is already capable of a lot of damage, why further boost it and risk yourself?

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Certain situations…the Bee is very efficient and safe…and saves a ton of Sniper Ammo.

But for 90% of UVHM that I have played so far…it is a rather bad option.

At least that has been my experience so far.

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I believe that using the Bee with Zer0 is fine. You are doing some insane amounts of damage, but you are squishy as hell (you get wasted by a couple of bullets from an Outlaw at OP8). You definitely need skill to use the Bee on Zer0 effectively (meaning : without dying constantly).
Although with Maya, since 11/5 Kinetic Reflection makes your shield unkillable by bullets AND you get lots of multiplicative Gun Damage boosts such as Reaper, I would consider it to be kind of the “enable easy mode” item on her.

That is, of course, only my opinion.

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Hi @johnrr6, i’m a bit late to the party here but how’s your relationship with the Bee going? I as a few here have said think that at OP levels it takes a bit of skill to use the Bee with Zero and survive, and it can certainly shorten fights. I’ve never really used it for any length of time, and as far as sniper ammo goes i always have a stockpile relic to help me weight the drops in my favor, pick up enemy and chest sniper’s last to help that also. But as far as “Cheap” “Cheesey” “Lazy” etc.?? it’s your game and you should play it however you want as long as you enjoy it. :relaxed:

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