The Bee with Axton? Nah

Seriously, if you have a decent Bee, Blockade and BBB you’re never gonna need another shield on Axton, unless you wanna try something else just for fun. There are a lot of shields that synergize very well with him (he’s just really good with shields in general), but in my personal humble opinion, those are the big three for the commando.

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Iirc those three are all top gear on the top gear thread. Besides gaige (gosh it hurts me to say that) he’s the beat shield user in the game.


With quick charge, is it okay to get the highest capacity BBB, despite the recharge dely?

Can’t I answer that I never spec quick charge. I’d say with at least 5/5 willing and pressure maybe I don’t really know. I’m sure someone else does tho.

I would always favor delay and recharge rate over capacity, to be honest. My advice to you would be to find the middle ground: a BBB that doesn’t have a ridiculously long delay (it’s almost 7 seconds on the highest capacity one, if I’m not mistaken) or a ridiculously low capacity. Go with the most balanced one you can find. I think the most balanced one would also have the highest recharge rate - but the lowest booster chance. Yes, you have the booster chance to consider as well. I never stopped to study shields as much as I should, so I can’t help you a lot with shield parts or exact stats. Personally, I only use the BBB on Fastball Axton. I can’t remember right now the stats on the one I have, but it does what it is supposed to do. For a less specific explosive playstyle, I’d go with a more tanky shield (Blockade, Antagonist, Neogenator, Evolution, a decent purple Turtle or even the Sham, for instance).

Personally I go pure Maliwan with a shock immunity. Reasons:

  • You only care about the booster chance
  • And you want your shield up all the time so shock DoTs are your worst enemy. While fire and corrosive DoTs are your best friends as each DoT tick can proc a booster
  • The boosters regen 1 grenade, 1 rocket, AND 25% of your shield. So rate and delay aren’t that important, only the booster chance and capacity

If you really would rather have a good all around shield then Tediore, Tediore, shock Maliwan would probably be the go to. But just because of how the BBB works the all Maliwan may still be better and safer in the end.

That is one hell of a shield! any idea what stats i shouldbgo for and what the max drop percent is? i have one with 20%.

[quote=“Gut0nez, post:23, topic:1359141”]
I never stopped to study shields as much as I should, so I can’t help you a lot with shield parts or exact stats.[/quote]

Since you mentioned it and if the OP would like to take a look at the Shields section you can get an idea of what you want to look for.

See? I knew I was talking out of my butt. I really don’t know that much about shields beyond the basics and I really only use the BBB on Fastball Axton, which isn’t even my main playstyle. That’s valuable information for me as well, so thank you very much for sharing it.

I have that link bookmarked and I use that document all the time. All the info I have on shields, relics and class mods comes from it. Thanks, anyway. Always nice to remind people that it’s there. :acmaffirmative:

According to the max stats list that @BTK420247 shared above, 22.1% is the max booster chance for the BBB. So you’re actually pretty close.

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Someone on the old forums made builds for Gaige and Axton based on the Bee because of their shield skills- I actually tried out the Gaige build but for the life of me I can’t remember the gents name. Any of you long time members remember him?

Wasn’t pokapoka the Gaige master? It may have been him.

I remember the Acton one was called the beefour. Can’t remember the gauge one, but it should be there. I remember reading it not too long ago.

Here a post where me,chuck, and some others debated a bee based Axton.

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Totally agree… All Maliwan shock the best BBB. But any shock immunity with a proc chance above 18% will be great.

Sometimes I TRY to get hit by fire or corrosive just so the boosters start dropping like candy!!

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Insulated Discordant Bee
By Atrozation and Shaktiboy.

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The only bad side is that the link to the build itself is dead…

Does being shock resistant lower the other overall stats at all?

Not noticeably, and it raises the Proc chance.

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This link?

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