The benefits to a cooperarative game of leaving dooping intact

Cheers to gearbox for not patching the doop glitch. I feel that sharing is an integral part of building a strong team and dooping gives us the option to share the wealth. I always share my loot with friends and I have been equally rewarded for doing so. It strengthens our offense/defense, but more importantly builds trust since it is required to enact a doop. This person could kill me and run off but they dont for mutual benefit. I think it shows great insight on Gearboxs part leaving it intact. Keep up the good work and Death to all Rabid Skags, Scavengers and Rat Bastards!!

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Actually, you are mistaken. Gearbox do not condone the duping glitch. It’s considered cheating by them, in fact, it’s written in the forum rules that duping is not to be arranged here.

Fixing it was much to complicated to do without changing how the core game worked and would have likely meant an always-online state to play.

Do what you will in your game, but duping isn’t to be discussed nor arranged here on these forums

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