The Best Battleborn

Vote for the best Battleborn. Does that mean your favorite? Who you think is the best designed? Best story, most fun character, etc.? All and none of the above, just vote on who is the best in your eyes. (Not necessarily meant to be taken seriously)

I included Bea because who knows when she’s coming and we will have an understanding of her soon enough. El Dragõn is El Dragon because their system can’t handle the õ. And I did not misspell Benedicts name.

Go now, vote!


What’s the objective of the vote? Merely seeing who each person’s favorites are? To verify what suits our tastes and possibly gauge the mentality of the person voting?


I was thinking if making multiple posts to envelop all potential aspects, but reached the conclusion of, “Too complicated. Let’s just make it one big mess and see who comes out alive.”


Adding a little criteria your question would probably generate a better response.

Like a Battleborn awards show.

Best Battleborn in the category of:

Best overall PVP?
Best overall PVE?
Best in Incursion?
Best in Meltdown?
Best in Capture?
Best in Face Off?

Best support?
Best DPS?
Best pusher?
Best tank?
Best hybrid?

Most unique play style?
Least unique play style?
Easiest to use?
Hardest to use?

Best dialogue?
Best visual character model design?

Most overrated?
Most underrated?
Hipster’s Choice?

Most likely to succeed with a good team?
Most likely to succeed with a bad team?
Least likely to succeed with a good team?
Least likely to succeed with a bad team?



I voted for Toby and await your gasps of surprise…


Well, if they’ve done a good job of making all of the characters equally appealing, it should be pretty even. Ideally, it should provide us with a marginal knowledge of any outliers (though if we could select our top 3-5 it would be better since you get a better spread in general, in case there are some characters that aren’t #1 favorites but are regularly in the top handful).

Can you guess who I voted for?

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Close thread.


Hmm… Ambra?

EDIT: Also, @epicender584, i just noticed that you put “Benedick”… I wish i could like this thread twice.


I’m not going to answer the question “Who is the best Battleborn”.

I will however answwer the question “Which Battleborns do I prefer to play”.


Others worth mentioning are El Dragõn, Attikus, Orendi, Ambra and Kelvin.

Ultimately, I like to play as most Battleborn. The only excpetions being Whisky Foxtrot, Kleese and Ghalt.

I’d just like to say here as well that Benedict was one of my mains when the game got released, way before his buffs :no_mouth:

Edit: Forgot Kleese and Ghalt.

No. If you check the guides I’ve written, I actually explicitly say who my favorite is, however.

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Orendi, Phoebe, WF. Not in a particular order.

You said to GUESS though!

…Kelvin. Am i warmer or colder?

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[quote=“HandsomeCam, post:13, topic:1553609, full:true”]…Kelvin. Am i warmer or colder?

Well, Kelvin is an ice golem who isn’t the right answer so, colder. Ambra is, of course, way too hot because she’s a sun priestess and I will never forgive her for what she did to my favorite character (war crimes and whatnot).




You’re right, that’s a pretty big gap… Kleese. Final answer.

Actually reads last post.

Ohhh… Galilea! New final answer! Alani…

ISIC and Caldy don’t have the most votes? What sorcery is this.


The chaos kind.


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I am so unbelievably, mindwarpingly furious right now. Oh. My. God.


I think someone is gaming the poll atm and voting multiple times for a specific character.