The best bits of borderlands

Right, there’s a lot of negativity on the forums, and I’m guilty of it too, but I thought it’d be good to have a thread where we just say stuff we liked. The things we enjoyed the most about any borderlands game, including DLC and add-ons.
Call it member-berries, or stuff we hope gearbox includes in future games/DLCs, just share what you enjoyed.

Just 2 rules-

  • No negativity, only say good stuff, cus there’s plenty of places to share complaints
  • Just share one thing per comment, so we can keep it going. It also means people can like a comment if they agree.

Thanks and have fun =]


So, starting off, the creatures. I love the wide variety of animals, like skags, scythid, threshers, bullymong, torks, jabbers, ratch, etc.


The music stands out - all Borderlands games have a great soundtrack.


So backing down from a five page essay here, I’ll just say the gameplay variety is insane. Single-player first-person shooters are pretty much all I play, and whenever I leave Borderlands, everything feels boring. I maximize the variety I get out of the game with eleven characters across all classes with completely different builds/pets/action skills and weapon allegiances) with a rule that I have to use all red-texted gear (so I rotate through them per character whenever I pick one up for a new playthrough). This combined with the volume of story missions, side missions, challenges, Dead Claptraps/Crimson Radios/Echo/Eridian/Tycho logs, and other stuff to do means that the game is very different every time I play.

For example, today I may play Zane with only Atlas weapons (specifically: four that I didn’t use the last time I played him), with a Clone/Drone build (as opposed to the MNTIS/Barrier build on my other Operative), using the Shockerator and constant Clone swaps (out of several different combat styles I have for him) on a run through the Tazendeer Ruins where I may make a run to catch the CoV Radio.

Tomorrow I may play FL4K with only Tediore weapons and a Rakk/Spiderant setup in the Devil’s Razor helping the B Team lock out some CoV. Then Vladof Moze with an Iron Cub build in the Handsome Jackpot clearing out a Scraptrap nest, then maybe Zane with Atlas again but a different weapon set, different combat tactics, and on a different planet.

With 65* different maps and 11 characters, that’s 715 different ways I’m playing. I won’t count the different missions/challenges as unique, but each character also has anywhere from four to seven different combat styles, which brings that to somewhere north of three thousand different ways I hit the game. I use the difficulty slider to make these as viable as I like (some builds/weapons don’t do well at high Mayhem levels, where some steamroll MM11, so I just adjust the difficulty to match). It will be a very long time before I find the game repetitive.

*I don’t count Arms Race because I don’t get to use my unique build/loadouts, so it just adds 1 to the total above, and I don’t count the Heck Hole or the Cartel hideout because they’re seasonal.


I like the diverse set of vault hunters and characters of various backgrounds and orientation that have a chance to be a badass. I like how there are lots of different species around the galaxy i can hunt and take down and drop some sweet loot.

The twins and Ava are good characters. It’s been making me wonder and hopeful that we get to see more Ava in the future or even be able to use her via BL4. And i still think of the entire Siren lore.


Well, I really love the BL3 photo mode; it’s not just a good way to take nice pictures, it’s also a great method to have a good look at environments and enemies. At this point, I really wish that basically every game had one: it’s the perfect way to admire and appreciate all the hard work the artists put into them; it adds a lot of value in my opinion.

As I’ve said before, I’d totally pay to have it in previous Borderlands games as well.


I love the eridium, cash, health, and shield booster auto pick-up. This alone makes it tough to go back to the older games. It also makes shields with boosters much, much more useful than in prior games.


Trying to post one thing per comment as requested, but I don’t want to monopolize LOL

I really like that you can use eridium to purchase both cosmetics and mission uniques from Crazy Earl. This is fantastic.


I love the feel of the weapons in this game compared to the first three installments of the series. They feel like they have a more realistic/ immersive touch when using them .


BL3 is generous. It gives you lots of cool toys to play with.


I love the world building in the series. They mix space magic with high tech and sometimes both together. The same goes for mixing relatable characters with inscrutable alien or robotic ones and sometimes both at the same time. Plus there’s an intriguing backdrop of spacefaring corporations at war with each other.

I can’t wait for the next Borderlands story whether it’s a new game built on a new engine, another game built on an updated version of the current engine, or offshoots like Tales from the Borderlands.


I love, love, LOOOOOOVE the lovecraftian atmosphere of Xylourgos


I really appreciate the fact that in BL3 I can get to max level with a single playthrough of story-based content.


What drew me to the BL series mainly was the humor. I like to laugh and have a good time and that’s easy when your in a party. But going solo BL can give you that so I want more. The first 2 games came easy but I found in 3 you have to push it. Give the enemies more than they can handle and the humor comes out. When their against the ropes it’s hilarious! Not to mention the characters you get close to. Adds emotion to a game.


games core guns and gear is not only well designed but also beautiful


I love the absurd and sometimes self-reflective humor from BL1, BL2 and TPS. I love how that humor played to breaking the fourth wall, poking fun at cultural norms, gaming trends and political correctness while maintaining the overall immersion in the game itself.


I love the cohesive, polished narrative experience from BL2 and TPS (though I wish there were more narrative DLC’s for TPS). The Borderlands series has been touted as a First Person Shooter Role Play Game. The first three entries in the franchise had (in my opinion) a fairly well-balanced mix of Game Play and Role Play, with each title evolving both and advancing the overall gaming experience in a relatively steady progression. In other words, each game increased both the overall Game Play and Role Play aspects. This dynamic then provides an optimal (in my opinion) playing experience that allows for fun, reasonably effective game mechanics within an immersive narrative experience, culminating in BL2 and TPS.


BL3 has some really cool Game Play mechanics that have added to that aspect of the franchise’s experience.


BL2’s base game art direction is some of the best I’ve seen in games. The jagged character designs, the bright colors and diversity of locales, the landmarks and settings are just so memorable. It really helped tie the atmosphere of the game together. It shouts its personality in capital letters. To me, that’s the signature Borderlands feel. It’s what got me to play in the first place!


GOLIATHS :sparkling_heart:
Levelling Goliaths is so much fun

THE BANE :joy:

BUTTSTALLION :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: