The best bits of borderlands

Low Gravity + Jump Pads = FUN!!!

Plus OZ Kits = MORE FUN!!!


BL1 - being able to play split screen with something that lasted longer than a few hours. Don’t get me wrong there were other games at the time that we played but BL1 sucked us in to play through more than once. A game built on the grounds of a FPS Diablo style had me hooked from the start.

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The reason why I love Oz kits and hope they come back is not only the (awesome) mobility enhancements they offer, but also because, being a breathing/survival apparatus, they open up so many possibilities for environment exploration in a very simple and handy way.

Borderlands 3 didn’t let their absence stop you from going to some really rough places (like the Skywell, the Impound Deluxe, Minos Prime etc.).

But imagine what BL4 could do with BL3’s planet hopping and the freedom to roam granted by Oz kits.

Do you want to go to outer space? Check.
Underwater? No problem.
On a planet with a toxic atmosphere? Sure thing.


BL1’s sense of humour. All the games have their moments, but BL1 was what made me love this series.
I’ll never forget the moment - after breaking open a bunch of lumps on the ground - that it was revealed I’d been punching puke piles. And the moment I saw 9 toes’ character card saying he also has 3 balls… then killed him and got a unique weapon with a melee attachment that tells you not to drop it.


Just allow us to reroll the anoinment atleast .

It’s a minor thing, but I really like that all the vendors- and by that I mean the characters, not the machines- are legitimate characters rather than just game mechanics.

A lotta games don’t have the vendors mean anything to the story. You could swap them out for anyone and everything would be exactly the same. Not Borderlands. The writers gave all of them some sort of lore or trait that firmly plants them into the worldbuilding, just like any other character.

I dunno, I just think that’s neat, and most of them make the list for being my favorite characters from these games.


The intro videos and character intro cards.

The fact that each game has a unique positive trait that makes it stand out in the series.

The song selections (minus bl3’s the girl is on fire) and overall OST.

One of the best franchises to play with randoms in.

TPS Boomacorn! Or as my buddy calls it - the horsie.


Borderlands 1 & 2, with all their DLCs are great games.

The Prequel is pretty good too.


The wife and I exclusively play Bordelands. It’s local co-op mode plus split screen make it the only games on our Xbox.
Recently we started all the way back at the beginning going through the entire series in order. We’re halfway thru Commander Lilith on our way to BL3. From the beginnings, what grabbed me was the artwork. No pretense to be lifelike, just a bunch of great artwork melded together perfectly. I sometimes just stop and gaze out over drawn vistas of worlds imagined and enjoy the amount of work the Gearbox people have put into places even in the game I’ll never go. Thanks Gearbox!


To me the greatest character in all of the Borderlands is General Knoxx. With the deadpan humor of Bob Newhart, he always makes me smile. Even though we have to kill him!


I cannot believe that no one has said anything about the mail system. Other than the mailbox size limit arguably being too small, both for sending and receiving mailed items from any source, GBX absolutely nailed this feature.

Iterate on this feature for the next game in order to improve the UI and such, but keep it basically the same. Great feature. Most importantly, it’s fun and engaging each and every time I see that mail notification pop, because I want to see if I by chance got something cool from a mfr (EDIT: to clarify that this is abbreviation for “manufacturer”) or more likely, a friend.


…misinterpreted mfr the first time I read this. :laughing:

Seriously though, especially when leveling up a new character, this was pretty nice (and you make a great point about being able to zip gear between friends… that’s been fantastic).

Did you actually fill your mailbox? Like what’s the limit?


It doesn’t take very long to fill up the inbox side of your mailbox with Crits and Hails. I don’t know the size of the inbox limit, but there is one. Also, whenever I clear out my bank to make room for other stuff, I typically mail the spare items out to friends. I have - many times - hit the cap for how many items can be mailed in a short period of time, and the limit is not as high as one might think. Maybe 20-30, but I am not too sure.


I would like to highlight the things I really did love about BL3.

First off how good is Promethea? It legitimately felt like Borderlands in a war torn city. There are enemies everywhere and Atlas troops fight along side us a number of times giving us a sence of scope. Maps like Lectra city and Meteoplex were really unlike anything we had seen in Borderlands and the aesthetic has distinguishable locations like the corporate offices, the Train station, the slums and so on. When first visiting the planet it literally feels like there is something around every corner. The maps feel for the most part well populated with collectables, loot, quests and crew challanges.

To continue on that Crew challanges. My lord these are one of my favorite additions to BL3. I just wish there were more hunts and targets. I honestly think crew challanges were one of the best ways to keep me actively interested in looking around.

That leads us in to my last feature Hyjacking. More vehicals, more parts, more skins, more more more :slight_smile: during my initial playthrough I loved the vehical based combat and objective along with chasing down bandits to steal there stuff. One of the most satisfying things in my first playthrough was tackling a Maliwan troop our of his bike then killing him with it.


All these planets are fantastic in my opinion, and Promethea is no exception. I’m still waiting for a bit about Space Vixens somewhere on Eden-6… how was this an omission, even as a simple gag (or how did I miss it?)

This slipped my mind, and is one of my favorite pastimes in vehicle-heavy places. Sometimes I’ll try to get as many cars hijacked and abandoned at once (three is my max… came close to four once). I hit Desolation’s’ Edge for fun; Skittermaw Basin for a challenge.

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And the roller coaster, this was a real fun discovery. I’ve never shot all the targets, but Thatcher makes it fun to return to. On deck do I think I’ll attempt shooting targets with different weapons.


Infinity :nerd_face:

It’s just for a red chest though haha

A shame there aren’t more of these things (the roller-coaster and then there’s the other mini game on pandora)

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What mini game!?!?!

There’s a barrel thing (basically you just flip a switch and shoot some targets haha) somewhere on pandora :nerd_face:

I spent days just farming that damn thing for no reason :rofl: got a crap load og legendaries out of it haha

Pretty useless, but a nice touch… Though i got the feeling they stopped those wacky ideas after pandora :confused:

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Thanks, I’ll be in the lookout for it