The best boss killers in BL2

I’ve been playing BL2 for years at this point, but I only really just now realized the true importance of builds. My first few custom builds were utter trash, and I could barley beat TVH. Later, I started to learn how to effectively combo abilities and skills, but I was still having some problems with any raid bosses or collections of enemies above OP2. I mainly play Maya, Gaige, and Salvador, but that’s just because I haven’t maxed out everyone else yet. So, my question. Does anyone have any great one-shot-boss builds, or anything like that? I’ve seen videos on youtube of an extremely powerful Sal, and a Bore-centered Zer0 that could kill Terra in under a minute. Does anyone have any tips or build to help me along? Builds for all characters are appreciated! Thx!


You might find this informative although it is outdated, axton probably move some rank due to some recent runs.

Visit us in the time trial thread for kill ideas.


maya excels with guns like dahl smg’s and the sandhawk as well as built into the elemental and health tree. This is the best for coop mode. Not to mention maya is good with a lot of maliwan and elemental guns.
The GunZerker excels with confrence calls unkempt harolds and grog nozzles as well as the ahab pimpernell glitch
Axton excels with Rifles and machine pistols also anything exposive and gets a skill allowing him to be powerfull with explosives
Zero is great with pistols and Critical hits . Even Snipers
Krieg is good with nades and fire mods . He excels with the conference call and the butcher as well as having his melee attacks become even stronger
Gaige is good for elemental play and excels with the shock sandhawk and electric smg’s
Edit:They all look balanced in their own way.