The best defense


I’m sorry, but I love Ernest. I literally sit on my perch and toss out my bombs and nobody dares to approach me. I’m by no means invincible, but watching as I toss my charges and grenades into the center when the enemies try to make a push… it’s hilarious.

Maybe I’ve just had some really good matches though. I’d love to hear from other people about their experience with this (as others on the forums have called him) Bombirdier

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Though I’ve won every game I’ve played him in so far, I actually have a mediocre k/d ratio with him. Every game has been a close match where my team succeeded in the last few minutes.

One match in particular had an intelligent Miko player who was constantly taking out my power egg. In that match I learned that Earnest is very weak to slows. The only escapes he has are conditional and tied to helix choices, one being Concussive Charges/Eggcelerator and the other Eggslowerator. The Miko was surprisingly effective at slowing me down and critting me with its kunai.

I’d say I had a pretty good day testing out Earnest. I can’t wait to play him again tomorrow! :relaxed:

I’d recommend playing him as artillery, put your egg in the back and rain grenades and move as needed

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I was, but when you’re having epic battles for the middle of Overgrowth things start to become hectic and disorganized fairly quickly. :slight_smile:

Too true! And I love him! He speaks to me!


He’s my official favorite character. Not personality, just the kit. And the look. I’ve only lost one game, but I wasn’t paying attention the whole time so I should have expected it. I need to stop watching tv.

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I just played a game with you earlier, you’re a better Reyna than I am

Oh really?! What’s your psn I should friend you. And thank you. I could’ve done a lil better, but I was using my Ernest load out only to get him faster

kagedo3393, I was the ernest in the match…not my best match but not my worst, and FYI I tested with a friend. kleese’s rifts don’t replenish egg shield

My scores with him aren’t great, but I feel like Ernest is one of those characters who contributes a lot without charting on the scoreboard.

I like seeing my melee characters flying all over the place thanks to Ernes.