The "Best" Explosive Shotgun

So what do you consider to be the best explosive shotgun?


Casual Carnage

Casual Flakker

Casual Ravager

Personally I use the SWORDSPLOSION and the Ravager the most, what about you?

The Ravager, hands down! The Flakker is trashy and the SWORDSPLOSION!!! is a suicide rod
Also, the Hulk is kind of good

If u think the Flakker is trashy u are very dumb.

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True the SWORDSPLOSION is quite dangerous up close. That’s why I switch between it and the Ravager.

Not cool @Krieg_Krazy. Name calling is not contributing to the discussion.

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Depends on what class you’re playing. For Sirens and Psychos, the Casual Swordsplotion is the best for mobbing. But you must be aware of the self-damage, so for Assassins, Mecromancers and Commandos, i would recommend a Ravager or the Casual Carnage instead. The other three classes are able to outheal the damage.

I mainly use the commando and pull out the Ravager when an enemy is too close for the Bekah

He insulted the Flakker so i insulted him, i’m sorry.

Flakker, but the Carnage is fun to use aswell, If you don’t mind bringing yourself in FFYL that is.

It is unnecessary to insult someone for not liking the same weapons/gear as you and I’m not the person you should apologise to

I guess the Ravager. It feels like a classic video game shotgun: extreme power but terrible range. The Flakker is kind of inconsistent for me and the Swordsplosion is liable to kill you in CQC situations. Haven’t tried the Carnage though.

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I have nothing against the carnage but the splash damage can be a problem up close

The Ravager. Strong and easy to use (unlike the Flakker). Its a non-unique too, which is cool.

Can’t comment on the Carnage. The only one I ever found was bad and I never even used it.

SWORDSPLOSION!!! (I love spelling it exactly like it is ingame) is my favorite simply because of how absurd it is. Exploding MIRV swords is just so ridiculous but it works sooooo well.
Very dangerous to use though which is quite a big downside to me, especially when trying to get out of FFYL.

The Flakker is my other favorite. I am not exactly the best with it but if you get that sweet spot right it destroys and seeing all that flak is just great by itself.

The Ravager is really nothing special other than being a more traditional shotgun (more or less). Undoubtedly very powerful but boringly simply.

Obviously I am saying they are all great in their own way, just varying how they are used to approach the situation. Flakker and SSplosion are great at crowd control or big enemies. Ravager shines against single enemies, up close and personal.

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The Flakker, the Swordsplosion and the Ravager are all “the best”, since they have very different uses:

  • The Flakker is the best if you know how to use it. It’s one of the best guns you can use against large targets, groups of enemies and in closed spaces. If you figure out the sweet spot and right situation to use it, it just destroys everything very easily.
  • The Swordsplosion is the best if you enjoy keeping a safe distance from the target.
  • The Ravager is the best if you like shooting enemies at point blank with shotguns and focusing on one enemy at a time. It’s a great shotgun for leveling up, very reliable.

To me, it would be easier to choose the Carnage as the worst than to choose any of the other three as the best, but the Carnage actually isn’t all that bad as a mini-rocket launcher, specially if you use it on a character like Axton. It just pales in comparison to the other three, but all four of those are actually pretty good at what they do.


Very good answer

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Unkempt Harold then Ravager.

The Unkempt Harold is not technically a shotgun even though it behaves like one, I understand you mentioning it, in this game many weapons behave weirdly and would otherwise be categorized as something else in real life (like the Tunguska or 12 Pounder)

Its a cannon with a identity crisis. Easily one of my favorite RL’s though.


Also, Swordsplosion is super fun with a Zerker and Ravager is cool too.