The best fl4k build isn't a crit build


The build can destroy every ennemy in the game on mayhem 3 with any modifier.
Use rakks to be under the effect of the green capstone at all time.
Your damage is insane with all the hunter skills + the capstone.
Tankiness is not an issue with a transformer and the skills that boost hp and regen.
You can also melt bosses in seconds without having to respec.
Here’s an exemple on mayhem 3 graveward with -50% incendiary damage and +45% health.
He dies in 9 sec with an anointed lyuda.

To destroy bosses you’ll still need a boss killing weapon, but these won’t be any usefull for mobbing as you’re already one shotting any mob on mayhem 3 and they would be overkill.


i have no clue about Fl4k tbh, but i love to see new builds :slight_smile: GJ

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totally worth a try, but there should still be the freedom of choice.
and that freedom has been tigtly restricted.
Edit: Also, you need an anointed bosskiller weapon for this to be viable. i mean… thats more of a “look, i have this very specific thing, and if you too get this very specific thing, you can kill things” more than its a “build”


Fade away is still better to gear up as you don’t need really good gear to make it good.
Rakks are way better once you begin to scale as they can instantly proc the anointed bonuses (after action skill end, so fade away can’t)
You can still play both builds depending on what you have

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Rakks are fun, sure… viable aswell to a certain point.
But claiming to have “the best” build makes me automatically cautious.

“He dies in 9 sec with an anointed lyuda”
Yeah, your build might be good, but this is something anyone can do…
Something even fade away fl4k can still do in 4 seconds.


Fade away would have taken way longer killing him with the modifiers

Okay, guess I was dreaming when I was using fade away with a -50% negative mod.
And I don’t even have an anointed lyuda (15% lifesteal doesn’t count).

But this is pointless, Graveward dies - it may take 4 seconds or 10 seconds, it doesn’t matter.
Graveward doesn’t matter. What matters to me personally is viability in terms of general gameplay & slaughter maps. Killing Graveward is a unique minigame and a horrible benchmark to test how good a build/character is.

What I’d like to see is, how your Rakk build performs in slaughter mayhem 3.
Not really criticizing your build, just your claim that it’s the “best” build.


Cool Lyuda.

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I just switched from Fade Away to Rakks and the same way. Rakks put up impressive damage even without having a lot of AoE damage + gear, work well with brain dead weapons like homing grenades and Hive, and does not suffer while mobbing like Fade Away builds do.

I’m glad to see people are still salty over the GitM nerfs.

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I think i’m missing something with this. My Rakk’s are doing virtually no damage.

Can you give some more information on the Artifact/Class Mod your using and how you start off Graveward? (Ie do you pop rakks first or build up Hunter skills first then Rakk’s?)


Good for Graveward, as all is with a Lyuda :smiley: did not get through 3 Waves of Slaughter Shaft tho


How was “Use Only GiTM & Jackobs Guns” giving people freedom of choice? Nerfing something everyone is funneling towards is probably them saying “Hey everybody, try different things.”


I did something similar with a more dmg focus after first round of nerfs. Slaughter graveward and easier bosses but circles solo was terrible. Amara and moze were much sturdier and sometimes quicker on kills (particularly amara… lost guns I needed for moze in bank glitches.)

To be fair, my drops have been unfortunate for Fl4k… despite being my main and most played the saving grace for him has been an annointed lyuda that has crit dmg on as end. But that can be great for almost any vh… moze a lil less due to iron bear bs.

I did get an annointed transformer lately though… with nova on fade away end… :confused:

I reckon the build and equipment pictured was also viable before they killed leave no trace, so it was a choice as well. So yeah, restricting the choices available is not a wrong observation… They aren’t saying “hey, try different things” they are saying “hey, don’t do this anymore” which in my book is limiting the choices available.


Oh yes really want to try a rakk build but it would be more interresting to see how your build works in slaughter or proving M3.

If you can show us, it would be really appreciate


Can you show which classmod, artifact you run with this? Im looking for a build to replace my GiTM as it struggles in M3, but my gear is still based around crits and high pellet count. What would be good legendaries for this build, or does it not matter?

Are you talking about the damage buff they give with passives and anointed, or about the damage they really do? BC I recently tried them and they only tickle, they do like no damage at all.

i get 20-25K damage with fire rakks on flesh ennemies

use a bounty com for bosses and a deadeye or a stalker for mobbing,
for the artifact i’m using a snowdrift cause i like more ms

I havent checked whay I did, but it doesnt sound like a lot of damage for a skill with a cooldown, considering how much damage good weapons do.