The best fl4k build isn't a crit build

Glad to see more classes coming up after the inevitable fl4k nerfs. Mine is master hunter but optimizes stacks and pet buffs for damage potential. But for rakk attack that setup looks good and you can still switch to fade away if desired as well. People seem to forget the master tree has ridiculous damage buffing potential. Yes the pets are lack luster right now but with a proper fix that tree will go from good to great.

Solid build, I had a lot of fun with it already. One thing is really annoying tho, there should be some visual effect that Power Inside is active. Now it’s just one of several buff icons, at a random location down there, bad design this.

I ran this build all night last night in Mayhem 2. I didn’t have all the gear that OP is using, but I was wrecking face. I even had lots of success in the Cistern of Slaughter, which normally I have issues due to multiple anointed, armored super baddasses and etc spawning at once and spamming rockets all over the place. Once I get all the proper anointed gear, relic and etc. I can totally see this build being the new go to build for FL4K

I was literally spamming rakks constantly that did over 20k dmg, returned health and kept my dmg output with guns and nades crazy high as well. Great job on this build OP

Could you please add a section that details all of your gear for this build and why that works?
lyuda is great and all, but if thats what makes this build good then its not that impressive

Lyuda is for bosses only.
What makes the build good is that rakks gives the 50% bonus damage from the gree capstone at all time, and that they proc anointed bonuses.
Once you know that you can use any gun as they will all have massive damage increases.
I recommend a +100% damage after action skill anointed gun as they’re the best on fl4k with this build.
I’m personnaly playing with a bekah (+100% damage after action skill).
The class mod also is important as he’s the other major source of damage bonuses.
Look for a bounty hunter, staker or deadeye

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Tried this build out and it’s very good glad to have something other than crit builds to go on thanks buddy

Tried this build and it is garbage in mayhem 3

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I actually really like this build. I havnt been able to burn through bosses sans fadeaway. This will be fun to use for my Mayhem 3 run through. I feel like this sets me up nicely as an all around stud without having to always change things. Thanks. Been looking for a good Rakk Attack build for hoard’s and bosses.

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Not sure about it being the best but it’s pretty damn good. Power inside plus rakks is a very powerful combo that doesn’t seem to be discussed a lot. During mobbing any weapon, including generics, can be used to insane effects thanks to this. For bossing too if you get a legendary/unique, though some generics can still work very well probably.
Iirc, the power inside boost all damage, including mellee and grenades, so flaks becomes very versatile too.


Its too bad the BL3 doesnt allow you to save multiple skill tree set ups. Be nice to simply switch between them. Maybe have the ability to store 3 builds. I like the fact that this is great in playthrough as well as bosses. Im burned out on respec’ing. And the high crit build switch over to Rakks from Fade away isnt as good while fighting hordes. This is just a great all around do everything build for me.

I dominate in Mayhem 3.

I gave this a whirl this weekend and it didn’t work for me (and I really wanted it to). As a former (OKish, never as great as the legendary @pokapoka ) Gaige player I’m still struggling with this whole “aiming” concept I found this build difficult.

I’ve been hanging out with gigabrain and Truant and I feel like I have a pretty good layout for FL4K. I’m level 50 and my standard layout is a Dastardly Maggie, a Speedloading Hellwalker (I have dreams about what Gaige could have done with that wonder) that I switch with a One Pump Chump when the mood is on, a electric Rown’s Call that I switch with a Quickdraw Bekah and a lovely Cost Effective Optimized Q-System (1082X2). A Dreadnought Re-Charger shield and a Storm Front grenade mod.

My point being it’s obviously not the equipment and it can certainly be me but I don’t get the Rakk Attack thing I guess. For example, I’m in some firefight blasting away and suddenly I have to interrupt to go, “HERE have some Rakk” and they fly out and do something I can’t really observe because I’m too busy blasting away at something (on Mayhem 3 generally) and suddenly I’m in Fight for Your Life over and over again.

What am I doing wrong? I love those of you who put so much effort into finding the right build or different ones and I love trying them out but at the moment it’s much more zen for me to simply fade away and giggle while my opponents “rag doll” when I blast them with my shotgun then toss Rakk at folk who don’t even want them.

What are the annointments on your gear? Annointments make or break Rakk Attack builds–spammability is it’s only real advantage it has over Fade Away/Gamma Ray. But having annointments up nearly 100% of the time can be pretty good.

Like my load out with this build basically boils down to “purple shield with high capacity” with a 25% health restore on AS end annointment, and a Cost-effective Q-system with a 100% damage increase on any enemy that gets hit by Rakk Attack. The damage boosted Q-System melts almost everything, and I rarely get into FFYL because I get 25% health back every time I hit the AS. But without those annointments, that gear wouldn’t be very good.

The rakk attack 100% damage annointment completely outclasses the 100% weapon damage ase but both are extremely useful depending if your rakk can actually reach the target or not.
terror -health regen /damage reduction/ reflect - teamed up with the terror 25% health can easily keep fl4k from ffyl in many cases, still no luck if your surrounded by 3+ rocket launchers/ BA tink turrets. only problem is finding the annointments on gear you actually want to use
Though if the rakk healing worked more like moze’ vampyr ( when hit instead of waiting for them to bring it back to you), rakk wouldnt need nearly as much specific gear

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I have nothing anointed for Rakk Attack but based upon your answer I’ll start looking for some and then retrying this build. Thank you and @Steeveyb for the reply!

Yeah the reliance on annointments is useful in some ways and incredibly annoying/limiting in others–most of my loadout is purple rarity from Crazy Earl’s vending machine, so at least now eridium has a use in endgame, buuuut it sucks if you want legendary annointed gear. Or if you keep getting Attack Command-based annointments :grimacing:

I also find that damage output is inconsistent because the annoints that proc on Action Skill end have a short duration and even with Rakk Attack’s short cooldown and multiple charges, it’s tricky keeping them up (this is a huge reason why the annoint that works on RA targets is so much better, it’s way easier to maintain) RA works well for me in the slaughterdomes but it won’t outclass Fade Away on bosses.

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It may not, though that can vary with the build… is there much need in ending a tree in 10 secconds? Can still do it with rakk in under 20, and even less for kataball so…eh? Moot point

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Hey there,

Been running a Power Inside Rakk build for a while now.

Personally, I don’t have many anointed weapons, and it still works for me.
I have a Legendary Bounty Hunter COM that I switch on the fly with the Friend-Bot if my Spider Ant Scorcher is down, which are the only two items that I would consider mandatory (for my capacities and playstyle).

With all the health regen running, I rarely go down, and if I do, my pet revives me. Depending on the situation (Badasses, Anointed, etc. especially in the Torgue Slaughters) I can go down quite a bit, but very rarely die, unless I’m really reckless.

As far is the skills go, I do a little bit different than OP to have a build more suited to my playstyle and capacities:

Green tree:
Instead of 5 in Overclocked, I have 5 in Eager to Impress
5 in All my BFF’s to keep the pet alive
I have no points into Rage and Recover because I find regen based on missing health (and not max health) to be extremely lackluster.

Red tree:
Since Leave no Trace has been rebuffed, I put 3 points in.
Then 3 points into Head Count, and 2 points into Interplanetary Stalker and Hunter’s eye respectively, to move up the skill tree.
5 points in Two F4ng.
3 in Big Game and Most Dangerous Game.

I feel the spare points can be put wherever.

As for gear, I feel you can pretty much use whatever you want, but for reference my typical load-out looks like this:

Lyuda (bossing) or Bekah (mobbing)
Elemental weapon 1 (Fire Lucian’s, Fire Rowan’s, Crossroads, Night Hawkin’, etc.)
Elemental weapon 2 (I love my Breath of the dying)
The Spiderant Scorcher gives you bonus elemental damage, and I also have an Elemental Projector Otto Idol, for elemental bonus and health on kill.

I have a radiation Power Siphon Transfusion for healing and shield regen, but I don’t use it that much.

I run two shields: Stop Gap and Transformer (Quest reward)

As for playstyle, if you play safe and use cover you shouldn’t be too bothered, running and gunning is possible and even viable but that all depends on your capacities. I don’t have outstanding aim and play on PS4 (so controller) and still can pull off the running and gunning, just not all the time.

For reference, I don’t have the perfect loadout but I ran Cistern of Slaughter without dying on my first try in TVHM M3 :wink:

Hope you can make it work, it’s really fun!

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I’ve been trying to build it to match my playstyle and also be viable to clean up slaughtershaft; dropped all need for his capstone skills, megavore would be great but just cant afford the points…even 2 points away from “lick the wounds” so kinda forcing myself to get better. 1 positive - my pet hardly dies now :slight_smile:
a few more items and im pretty sure ill be good to go, but currently hes stuck at round 2.5 -
though atleast ive got moze beyond able to solo it so farming for gear isnt too bad

I feel like Megavore isn’t that important if you can crit consistently, and The Power Inside is THAT great with Rakks, that +50% damage all the time is insane!

Can’t wait to try the Gamma Burst with the correct setup, as I’ve been hoarding good radiation legendaries and that Red Fang COM :slight_smile:
When the increase in level cap hits, I’m really eager to try a Master/Stalker build with a pinch of Leave No trace and Headcount <3