The best green monster build IMO

Hey guys especially moze mains. I’m here with good news on how to really make that green monster moze class mod shine. FINALLY! am I right most people use it and dont see much from it but I think I found a build that truly makes it shine. I made 2 build vids showing them off in slaughter shaft with nuetral modifiers on mayhem 4. Enjoy if you have questions feel free to ask. First vid is a explosive and gernade style the 2nd is just running high raw damage due to desperate measures and the kill skills in the red tree

Would be interesting to see a non terror version.


I think it woukdnt be as strong since u would have to hop in and out of much for solid annointments and that’s just sooo time consuming. But I can see it working out still of course u just wont get the full 13 seconds from class mod or u just go 3 seconds without the element annointments or something

The explosive version might be the best one to try it since u do have auto bear atleast

Ima make it and Elton you know

Tested it and hmm idk I’def not firing long to get the full bonus on come for explosive version and doesnt flow as much since im constantly hopping in and out of mech. Def seems like a better boss run version though

Yeah, too bad it would need terror. I can’t even consider it because I threw pretty much every terror item out, just not enough room in my bank for good regular anointed items and terror items. Not to mention terror drives me crazy.

Would this set-up be a lot better with a different Moze mod?

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Tried it with others the extra damage u get from the mod is actually crazy good on this build. In the vid if u pause or focus at times u see it doing stuff like 19k a hit plus hex for some reason triggers the mod as well I assume it’s the same reason hex gernade no longer heals u or procs MoD. U def shouldnt have thrown terror stuff away since it’s amazing and is gunna be the best in slot for new fl4k mod when it works properly and it’s amazing for new banjo Zane build

I won’t be playing Fl4k before next Halloween anyway. But I can’t stand the screen effect of Terror to begin with, and I hate the Halloween event after running Haunt twice. Just not my thing I guess.


I’m with you. I’m just not down for Terror builds at all, no matter the class. It also pretty much required a specific anointment on Facepuncher and then you’re wasting a slot for Facepuncher.


I’m finally getting a feel for Green Monster. I was so invested in my Shield build I couldn’t get myself to drop it completely. The build even worked well in Takedown, as long as I didn’t constantly go to point blank. I do have a problem though. I’m running 5/5 in the bank and matched set with Lucians call. My total magazine being regenerated keeps dropping. I start with 118 then it drops to 90, 80, etc. If I reload though it goes right back to 118. Has anyone else noticed this? I’m having difficulty finding the source of the problem.

You’re picking up ammo on the ground. Your total ammo is staying the same and since your build has no reload penalty it shouldn’t matter at all really.

Thank you kindly, hadn’t noticed this before.

It’s not wasting a slot watch the vids u literally only use 2 weapons lol the other 2 guns are there for matched set bonus

Also fyi most top builds require specific weapons anyway so no real difference lol
Just saying like the title says this is honestly the best way to make green monster top tietier

Yeah I don’t have an issue with your build my man. Terror builds are legit and efficient. I just meant I like playing with 4 guns in my builds. Wasted might have been the wrong word, I just meant wasted for me. Its also why I don’t run builds using Sellout.

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Tbh if your build requires to use all 4 weapon slots it’s probably a bad or inefficient build

They don’t “require” 4 guns, I choose to use 4 guns for my own entertainment. I’ve already said a terror builds are efficient and youve used it to make the most of green monster at this point.

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You know what works really well with the Green Monster? Blisters.

Once you get one of those bad boys going, you just peel through enemies. The only downside is the finger cramp from holding the trigger down.


Me too. Though lately I’ve been running the omni loader in one slot with my blast master. Strictly because the mags get lower and lower and when I don’t have any enemies around it’s less annoying to just omni load than to do every gun individually haha.

Ehh I don’t know about that… Corrosive/cryo and a kinetic, room clearing gun for 3rd slot, and sometimes it’s nice to have a long range or other alternative.


I was wondering about those. I don’t have a good one anymore though.

Well if u watch the vid honestly using a dif gun wouldnt be effective since it melts things no matter what. Cryo is honestly the best element when it comes to non boss enemies since freezing gives u major bonuses. Extra crit cryo and explosive dmg

This build is holding trigger down so it isnt too bad. I do hope I randomly find a good annointment blister totally forgot to look for that. Hopefully It can roll cryo I’ve only seen corrosive and fire tbh