The best gun for Moze after patch

After extensive testing I’ve found this is the best gun for Moze for every build. It is hard to find but it is the engame best for Moze in TVHM SS M3.

It does powerful damage and if you constantly pop in and out of IB you steal life constantly!

The rate of fire and the constant radiation explosions regen grenades, shield’s, health guaranteed!

So this is the best gun until the nerflands 3 devs destroy it. MoD and Vampyr still don’t work for me. It’s been 6 days.

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I think most people on here are misunderstanding the weapon changes. The decision to weaken the weapons is a longevity issue for the game. If the best weapons for everything in the game are accessible within days with very little work relatively speaking, very soon, everyone will have done everything there is to do in the game. Their vision theyve made clear multiple times is that they want people to look for variety. No two sets of players should be the exact same if they’re really doing their best. Of course, good/best builds will always surface, but if a larger variety of things are options, the game has a longer life span as people continue to try new things out.

With the number of combinations available, I don’t think they could have ever really adequately tested things. Therefore they had to rely on player data to see what they did.

Really my primary issue with gameplay is the technical issues and the extremely under-realized character builds, like Ironbear, and the fact that Zane’s skills lend to only a few effective builds late game. Character design overall seems to be lacking for everyone but Amara who has quite a few effective builds.


I’ve got that gun… just without the annointment.

I managed to snag a shock Shreddifer with a bipod. With max BM tree I have 148 and the thing is a laser beam. Sadly, it regens ammo so fast that Click. Click. is useless.

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Whats the source of explosions? The radiation explosions from kills? If so how would it fare against bosses with limited enemies around?

I use a Radiation Fearmonger and the grenade regen is pretty insane, might be something to look into also.

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Try a Westergun. It has plus splash dmg and no charge time to fire. It always drops from Private Beans in Athena… so it can be farmed over and over and it’s a gun that always regens for me. I always carry 2…one in fire/corrosive…one in cryo/rad…it’s a high dmg gun plus it was buffed in the last patch!


Sweet! I’ve only ever seen a fire one drop…didn’t know it came in shock! Mines a fire but it doesn’t have a bipod…it switchs to double fire mode…I think it’s called engulfing super shreddifier or something

Very insightful response!

Yes guns and grenades Regen for you, but I’m on PS4, that has stopped working for me after the latest patch. Also Vampyr doesn’t work either, and I found a purple tracker mirv. So I had to change my build to something I find less fun and no sustain and using a night Hawkin cause my laser sploder doesn’t trigger MoD or vampyr. I love blast master but now I need to use bloodletter that I find less fun. Now I hear that night Hawkin is next to be nerfed.

These devs don’t want us playing like mister torque and blowing everything up or using a certain gun because a good amount of people find them fun. I’ll try to find the westergun and then when too many people use that gun odds are the devs will nerf it into the ground.

I’ve been playing since B1 but if this next patch doesn’t fix or breaks and nerfs more, I’m done. Which pains me but these devs are not staying true to why I fell in love with borderlands.


The problem is when a good/ best build surfaces, GBX nerfs it leading to less effective builds. And in Moze’s case, making Mod and Vampyr not work or glitching. If they would like more effective builds and more fun, they should introduce a 4th skill tree and give us more skill points.

Problem is they love nerfing and destroying fun builds and weapons before they fix issues, create the 4th skill tree and increase the level cap.

The life steal has NOTHING to do with the gun. Its an anointed mod. I have another gun with 30% life steal. Its can be on many guns. Very misleading title.

How do you get the quest after beating the game? He always spawn at same place?

I think part of it is the underbarrel is considered splash and regens grenades/ammo well. Which wasn’t potentially explained. Faisor is just a good gun on every character. Fl4k can shoot the underbarrel forever, Amara can get good anointments on it, and Zane can use cryo one for burst on frozen enemies.

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I see. I have one or 2 in my mule. Maybe I have a test.

is it possible to get this anointed option for the flakker ?

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Farm Bean from the Ava side quest on Athena. He drops a wester gun basically every run. I think I got 6 on 5 tries. I wasn’t to impressed with the gun but then again, I’m a Zane main, and Zane literally has no gun synergies to speak of

Yeah remember during the quest…he’s at the end of Althena past the chupa. He respawns every game. So you can go the bridge save there so that when you respawn after killing him you only have a short distance to go to kill him again.

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Yeah! I have an anointed itchy(rad), burning(fire) and regular flakker anoited

The underbarrel shotgun does splash damage. I use it almost exclusively.

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