The best gun for Moze after patch

Me too! That shotgun is a BOOMSTICK in radiation…radioactive explosion almost guarantees a regen…it also has life steal on mine which the other person didn’t like…but i5 had saved me from dying a few times on Slaughter shaft TVHM M3!

Yeah I don’t know that much about Zane…the Westergun for Moze after the patch is more of a guaranteed splash prod on MOD and Vampyr…which got bugged…an engulfing ogre also always regena for me also

A high efficiency Cryo version paired with an icebreaker relic turns people into popsicles, which you can then pop with the gun’s 60% melee bonus.

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Sweet I’m going to look for cryo…found rad, fire, corrosive but no cryo yet…sucks lol

Thanks. Will try