The Best Healer

This has beeen a hot topic, Alani is too OP with her instant full heals and high damage, miko with his beam of infinite healing power, or kleese, with his cower-and-kill healing chair. (And, I mean, you have ambra with her sun balls too, I guess. She’s been so nerfed though that she’s barely worth the effort.) But NONE of them compare to the master healer.

Reyna is the master healer. If you’re looking at this post, thinking “man this guy is an idiot, she has one ability that can heal at level 4, and thats it.” you may want to listen in.

Reyna’s shield booster can heal at level 4. That means she’s the only healer that is completely dependent on her ability to heal. Alani’s and miko’s are a secondary attack, and if i am correct kleese’s is a constant heal within melee range. And her shield booster doesn’t even heal for as much as 3, maybe not even 2 of alani’s osmosis stacks. So why is it “the best heal”?

You see, reyna can heal for 200 something with her helix, which of course like any heal can bee increased with healing power, however this heal is ALWAYS doubled. Whenever she casts this ability on a teammate, she gets one too. And she gets the heal as well. The ability charges fast enough that she can actually increase a teammates health throughout the fight with continuous uses, given she takes some of the damage attention. But you can cast shield booster without having to be in battle, which is the greatest part, and why Reyna can double the heals pulled off by an okay alani in the end of match stats.

But that’s not all. Reyna’s legendary “captain’s snazzy timepiece” lets her now not only take the place of alani in rescue heals (though alani can rescue heal better in certain situations) but it also lets her do miko’s job as well. Like alani, with her heal on it’s own, she doesn’t necessarily give off a full refill, even out of combat, if the damage was a lot. But her legendary lets her use her plasma pulse to heal, effectively giving her the ability to shoot teammates for around 80 health a shot. Not much? Maybe, but this allows her to fill someone’s health back to full without them hitting base, and only takes a few seconds, especially if you grab the thermal equilibrium helix choice to negate overheating. (EDIT: can go up to 200 health per shot with the right helix choices/build)

Add a void resonator to this set up and she’s a a healing master, by adding even more self preservation.

But I know, a lot of people who have played reyna are saying “But it’s not that easy” and that’s true. Her shield booster takes a lot of practice to use in the heat of combat, and her ultimate (the giant bubble bullet shield) can be hard to place, and even end up killing your friends. No I’m not saying “All ya’ll gotta grab reyna right now and use her instead of other healers!” because all healers are equally good in their own way. But when it comes down the the amount of healing done at the end of the match, you’ll see that a good reyna will get the top score almost every time. Even when my team went up against a level 100 master of miko (and the best miko I’ve ever seen) in incursion, the healings were mutual.

So no, this isn’t a “Stop playing other healers” or a “Reyna OP” message, This is simply telling you the truth. When it comes to healing, try reyna out sometime, you may find she’s actually worth it.


Reyna is great at healing. I tell peole all the time that she can heal almost as much ad Miko, but no one ever believes me. Her legendary is absolutely amazing, I usually rush it early game so I have healing long before level 4. In case you didn’t know, the healing from her legendary can be increased from around 80 to about 120 if you choose the AoE option in Plasma pulse at level 3. This can be further increased by increasing plasma pulse damage at level 7. At this point I’m usually healing for around 200 hp a shot with my items built. I never take the helix choice that let’s you shoot infinite plasma pulses because I find the cooldown reduction on all skills is just FAR too valuable. You can usually fill someone’s health up with just a few shots anyways if you build her this route.

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I honestly mainly play her in story (probably like 5 pvp matches with her myself, I play with friends that use her all the time so i don’t get to use her a lot, but i see her end game stats a lot) But although I do usually choose plasma pulse damage at lvl 7 and the cooldown reduction at lvl 5, I had no clue that the aoe really worked better, awesome!

Yup. The AoE on plasma pulse also allow Reyna to do some extra self healing by shooting at her feet, although this eats away at her overshield for some reason.

Why are you the second person I see saying “she has an ability that can heal at level 4” while she also has one healing on her first helix ?

Reyna is good but best? No alani is still better you seem to have forgotten alani 360 heal from level 1 works for her and all other around her skill this plus her l2 heals makes her better.

A skilled Reyna will be able to match the healing of a skilled Alani, I definitely agree with this post.

Reyna has a shield recharge ability on her first healing, but not a health recharge ability.

I disagree. But I will agree that in terms of an all around character, alani is better, simply because she has better dps.

Reyna heals, shields, bubble blocks ranged skills, ups her teams dps, slows with plasma pistol, and most importantly goes motha ■■■■■■ super saiyan.

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Wow I’ve been reading that thing wrong the whole time…
Well the sentence does contain “heal” and I’m probably too much in a hurry to read it properly.
(it should say “+120 shield replenished”…)

Reyna might be favorite right now. But I consistently do more healing than Miko or Alani when I play Ambra even when not fully specced for it.

Alani is not a better healer. I would rank Alani as the 4th beat healer. Miko and Reyna definitely out class Alani at healing, Ambra is arguable.

What Alani is good at is saving lives with burst healing. But Reyna is even better at saving lives than Alani and Reyna also has better sustain healing past level 3 or so. Ambra has much better sustained healing than Alani, but she lacks the burst healing to save team mates.

Ambra is actually focused on healing now, instead of damage, there are many reasons I didn’t discuss her in this, the main one being I don’t fully know her potential because of the second main reason: no one plays her. She’s so hunted and not as visually interesting as other characters so people seem to tend to stay away from her. I’ve played with/ against no more than 5 ambras, and only did I see one that actually tried to focus on healing/ defensively using sunspots. Once I do know her, there may be “The best healer part two”, but the point of this is to show light on one oft he least used support characters. Ambra is another one of these and deserves her own thread discussing why she is good as a healer and as bait because people want to kill her twenty five times.

Funny enough, online it says nothing about the +120 shield replenished, instead the overshield gives +15 shield regen until gone. I do not think it does this in game, but just replenishes part of the targets shield on use. Could be wrong though

I’ve been saying this for awhile I usually lead both teams in assists and healing and not to mention if your pretty good with the plasma pulse you can make most characters at least run for cover in a 1v1 situation

The best healer is defined by the person playing rather than the character. I’d take someone who knows their character, the level and pays attention in my party any day.

I agree, however in terms of healability, reyna often heals the most in a match. The main point of the title is an eye catcher moreover my opinion of who’s best (which i state at the end, that all healers are equal in their own way) the point of the actual text underneath the title is to show that Reyna shouldn’t be forgotten, and people who aree playing support should try her out.

When it comes down to team composure, it really doesn’t matter who’s on your team, or what character they’re playing, rather if they can play the character well and work as a team with everyone else.

The online battleborn website was always wrong even during the CTT and they never fixed it.
In game it says “+120 shield heal”

Yup, I just find it funny that it still has the wrong skills, you’d think they’d fix that.