The Best Healer

Alani is nowhere near best healer lol.

She’s more like Ambra in that she occasionally throws a heal at an ally but mostly focused on healing her own squishy self.

And unlike the others Alani can’t heal allies AND herself. Has to be one or the other.

There’s also few things more comical than chasing a panicked, near-death Mellka or Thorn, trying to hit them with healing plasma, while they bound and strafe because they’ve no idea you’re trying to pump them full of life. Sometimes it’s hard being a hero for my favorite soandso :wink:

Hah! you are so right about that, even the way reyna moves adds to the comical part of it, she has so much pep in her step and looks like she’s running from a cop in a cartoon or something. But yes deffinitely funny trying to heal the quick ones, but so much more satisfying when you hit them with the shield booster, or get a shot to charge their health with your plasma pulse from far away, in mid jump or something. Reyna adds much more of both a comical feel and a proffesional feel to the battlefield, whether playing her, or playing with her, and lets face it, stats aren’t the only thing that makes a character good. Every single detail plays a part in making a character like Reyna one of the best healers in the game.

I am loving Reyna at the moment, and she is the first character I am thinking of mastering.

Love bringing people back from the brink, and if you spec homing plasma on level 2, you can easily 1v1 certain battleborns and combined with the shield booster change the shape of an engagement.

The homing is especially great against serial jumpers (tend to find Melka, Orendi and Thorn are big culprits of this)

Yeah. I have yet to be out healed using Ambra in PvE. Not even once!

…Have to agree, very helpful.