The best I have (pics) What I want, in description

Looking for rad infinity pistol with extra projectile

Recursion x2 with extra projectile

Other driver mods

EPVR mag size, ascd

EPOI same as EVPR

BoS in other +50% element

Kybs epc

If you have anything else along those lines, let me know.


I want that shreddifier so bad. I have been trying to get a shreddifier for so long. I don’t know what the letters mean for what your looking for. Lol

Epvr = elemental projector victory rush

Epoi = elemental projector otto idol

Ascd = action skill cooldown

Epc = extra projectile chance

BoS = Band of sitorak

If that’s with Radiation, I have that one. Thx though.

Yes it is