The best Iron Bear Skills

Hi there, I’m trying to make my own Iron Bear skill tree and I need some advice and thoughts on what I have so far. Skill Calculator • Moze • BL3 | Lootlemon

Any thoughs?

That looks like quite an interesting build to be fair.

What COM would you run with it?

If you’re doing a full pilot build where you exit out of IB early enough to use Dakka Bear and then get enough cooldown to be ready to summon him again as soon as Auto Bear is finished, then Short Fuse won’t do much for you. This is practically guaranteed if you use Topped Off.

If you play that way, you also don’t need Means of Destruction either as any anointed grenades used during IB are free. Plus I wouldn’t sink that many points into Vampyr either seeing as you’re running dual explosive Miniguns; I’d say 2 points is probably enough. It also helps to know what class mod and gear you’re intending to use.

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