The best stats for each Battleborn

I’m not sure if a thread like this has been created, but I’d like to see what people know are the best stats for each battleborn. I end up switching gear every now and then and sometimes scratch my head at what stat would be better for the character I’m using. I usually can’t decide between strengthening a characters weaknesses or strengthening their strengths.

Example of a layout;

Thorn - Attack power, Skill damage and sprint speed

Montana - Damage reduction, Health increase and attack power.

Alani- Attack speed, heal power and cooldown reduction

Those are mainly just guesses, but if someone could help compile a list of each characters best stats, that would be great and could maybe help others.

Phoebe: Attack speed, something else with attack speed and even more attack speed. Reach lvl 7 and everyone will be dead before you can even blink.

These are what I generally use for the characters I play, I do switch the gear around but normally use gear with the same stats.

Ambra - Movespeed, sprint speed, attack damage (Reasons, once Ambra attaches to someone alll she has to do is stay near them and attack speed doesn’t increase how often the ticks happen)

Montana - Attack speed, and max health

Orendi - Shard gen, cost reduction, cooldown (Orendi’s power normally doesn’t come from her gear so leveling her up quickly is more important I mean she has something like 45% skill damage boost on SFP from helixs alone and her abilities get so much better through her helix, than gear)

Rath - Attack speed, attack damage, skill damage or Shard Gen, cost reduction, 1 of 3 legendaries I feel like using

Shayne - Max shield, shield regen, max health or attack speed

Miko - Move speed, sprint speed, heal power or crit damage

Whiskey Foxtrot - Recoil reduction, Reload speed, crit damage or attack speed

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Now that her silence procs on any melee hit and not the last hit in the combo, AS on Phoebe no longer outperforms AD, simple because AD has larger values. On melee characters, any AD or AS buff is a straight DPS multiplier. On characters with reload, AD buffs are straight DPS multipliers, while AS buffs have less of an effect.

In general, AS is only useful to supplement AD, or when you have some effect on your combo that is not tied to AD (e.g. Galilea’s laser beams and corruption generation, pre-patch Phoebe’s silence, ISIC’s ult).


Orendi: cooldown, skill damage, Voxis Core
Ambra: skill damage, heal power, attack damage or extra health or healing receieved

Galilea: White-level Attack Damage, Purple level Attack Speed+Max Health, Purple level Flawed Max Health+Attack Damage but -Damage Reduction. Improves on her strengths, while buffing a few of her weaknesses as well.

Toby: Crit and attack damage. A good third stat would be shield or health, i suppose, to offset his character and crit spot size.

I like building ISIC with a white health and shield gear item, as well as the Symbiotic Gauntlet for attack damage and even more health.

After doing all the Movement speed tests and figuring out how fast Phoebe is with True Strike
Movement speed is pretty damn helpful
With just one piece of gear she can keep up with a lot of characters and continue attacking while they sprint away

Max Shield Cap w/ Shield Recharge Delay works very well with ISIC


I’ll have to give shield recharge a try, in plave of health then, seeing as you’re kind of an authority on ISIC here.

Please do
Good Synergy with Watchful Wards
Giving him damage gear is irritating with how his Primary works but Skill damage probably come out on top.

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Between boosting your shields and having your wards and your off hand shield with extra recharge delay on top of that you can mitigate a respectable amount of damage fairly often. I like his legendary for this reason

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Well, i aim with ISIC like i aim with Toby (that and his personality are why i play ISIC; i don’t have to change my playstyle drastically), so is there some sort of weird math-related damage bug i’m not aware of with ISIC’s primary weapon? I’m aware that you’re an authority on math here, too.

Also, WHAT gear do you use on ISIC, if i’m to test your build to max efficiency?

I like the pacifier on him. How does damage boosting gear affect ISIC? And while your here, how do you like his legendary?

Well, to be honest, i think his legendary gear special ability is to situational and underwhelming.

and @HandsomeCam His rapid fire is based off attack damage but his pulse shot is skill damage. That’s the issue.

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Negative damage reduction is no offense, a terrible choice. Absolutely terrible. Degrades extra health, healing, shield, her alt shield, regen, overshields, so many things

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Ah, so i WOULD prefer skill damage, thanks. Does it also affect Omega Strike; because i’d assume so.

Where my gear list at, DAWG?

That’s… Odd. And really clunky… What about his ult? And AS gear?

Attack damage actually outperforms AS on Phoebe for overall DPS.

The other issue with AS is that it can reach a point where you no longer proc your true strike combo in your chain losing out on lvl3 and lvl5 mutation damage via crosscut.

AD all the way for Phoebe!


Attikus-Hp, Damage, maybe cdr if you’re confident in your team, otherwise, shard gen
Caldy-Attack,Cdr,Sprint or crit damage.
Shayne is probably one of the most flexible, whatever you feel like
Ghalt is dead to me
Whiskey’s legendary, crit damage, attack damage
Kid Ultra seems like he’ll want CDR, heal power and a shard Geb
Pendles wants whatever, I do sprint, attack speed and shard gen