The best "Tank" type of classes in the whole series

Borderlands 2

I’m wondering which types of classes are the best kinds of “Tanks” I got a pretty good idea on who will be a “Tank” in Pre-Sequel. That title belongs to Athena. (Shield pretty much = Tank in my book.) However I don’t know about the rest…one would naturally assume Brick for Borderlands but Roland also tanks a good amount of damage.

As for Borderlands 2 it’s hard to say…Axton is able too in my book but than there’s Salvador and Krieg.

Krieg and Brick

BL 1: Brick and Roland.
BL 2: Krieg and Salvador.
BL 3: Athena and Jack.

Really? No Lilith? Nothing short of a shock rocket launcher can bring you down once you get a kill. Even if they get through, Phasewalk is a thing. There’s a reason she has the rep of being unkillable.

I’m not much of a BL 1 player so I’m gunna skip that one.

For BL2, I’d say Krieg and Maya, Sal is just too much cheese for me to concider that tanking.

For TPS, I’d probably say Jack, Nisha if you play her right, and mabye Athena, but her health regen can be somewhat lacking.

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Jack is one of the best tanks, coolest concepts (IMO) and most well rounded vault hunters. I’d rate him behind only Maya on my overall favorites list.

You know the idea of being a “Tank” is being able to take hits…not dodge them. That’s what I’m looking for.

Yeah. Diva and Girl Power are very strong. Wear a Defender com and she can get a shield capacity that rivals Brick. Add Girl Power on top of it, and she’s arguably the best tank in the game, even without Phasewalk.

With the amount of healing Maya gets, I’d rate her pretty high as a tank. I can just wade into groups of mobs without ever really worrying about dying.

Brick is hands down the best tank in BL1, even better at it than Lilith with a defender com (though she is no slouch). Why Brick?

From Skills alone, you have:
+40% Shield Capacity
+60% Maximum Health
+60% Damage Resistance on Kill (7 secs)
+40% Explosive Damage Resistance (deep in Blaster Tree, stacks additively with previous entry)
+150% Revive Health
+100% FFYL time
Regenerate 75% of Shield capacity over 5 seconds when it is depleted for the first time since a full-recharge.
During Berserk, you regenerate 3% of maximum health per second (after buffs to maximum are accounted for).
Berserk lasts 18 seconds by default, but skills can increase that to 27 before com is considered.

Brick can achieve the highest shield capacity in the game, while also having more health than any of the other VHs in that game, and he regenerated 120% of that shield in 5 seconds upon its depletion (so unless they do enough damage in those 5 seconds, it fully recharges every time it goes down).

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Brick. By far.

Go down? Grab a sandwich, read a self-help book and take a flight to japan, then get back in-game and kill someone after your vacation. Only times in my experience that actually involved me going down for good, were when I got myself killed doing stupid crap when no one was there to help/get killed by me.

Sal or Krieg. I probably have just as many hours on Sal as I do every other BL2 character combined, so it’s hard to say as clearly I’m more familiar with Sal. Between the Grog nozzle, smart reloading times, an adaptive shield of your choice, and all the other means of health regen you can throw in, if you’re gunzerking you’re not dying.

For Krieg, if you can set it on fire, you can stay alive.

Athena and Jack are very similar, but let’s be real. BL2 (most will agree) is much tougher than TPS. So while their tanking abilities may be similar, being able to tank in BL2 is a much bigger accomplishment.

I would definitely say Krieg. With feed the meet and 11/5, taste of blood at 5/5, release the beast, and the Rough Rider shield, I get over 5 million health and a ton of damage resistance. Unfortunately you don’t get much in the way of damage, but you can tank almost anything with that. Plus you can throw in numbed nerves if you want more resistance

As far as Borderlands 2 the only two characters that struggle to tank are Gaige and Zer0. Zer0 is not geared towards such a thing and Gaige requires kills but Blood Soaked Shields is a damn good skill.

Maya and Axton are good shield tankers and can take quite a bit of health damage with their healing abilities.

Krieg is an absolute monster who is meant to be up close and personal.

If you want a broken tanking though pick Salvador, give him the Grog Nozzle, some damaging weapon, and FoFH.