The Best Weapons to use for Maliwan Takedown

Hey guys, with the game having so many awesome weapons but not all of them are great when going through maliwan takedown. Here are the best weapons that I feel are good for maliwan takedown and let me know if you agree and if not, which are the ones that you feel are better?

Borderlands 3 The Best Weapons to use for Maliwan Takedown

Cutsman, redistributor, ion cannon
A little weird quirk of mine: singularity grenade sthat explode on impact, super useful to cut off the movement of annoying dodge mobs like dash commando and dogs
I used Recursion but well since it is bugged with ele annoints I count that as a God mode "kill all " command line :rofl:
I tried to use the lucky 7 with Moze but that felt super awkward though I’ve seen Moze being god like with it